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Monday, April 08, 2013

Election 2013 Aurora - Who Will Stand Up for Taxpayers and Do the Right Thing?

As Election 2013 approaches in the City of Aurora, the results will not just be about the candidates, but rather about all of us as voters, taxpayers and how seriously we take our responsibility to determine which candidates will stand up for us and do the right thing...or which candidates will continue to be part of the status-quo, waste our money and be rubber-stamps.

There are races from school board to townships, but the ones that will have the greatest impact on your bank account are for Aurora City Council.

Aurora's most important election for 2013 is Alderman-at-Large.  In that race, there's a clear choice between Rick Lawrence, who has consistently stood up for taxpayers and 7 term, three decade old guard crony Bob O'Connor.

NOTE:  Watch above video to hear Rick Lawrence explain the responsibility of being an alderman.

For other city council races, differences have emerged as to who would be part of the problem and who would be part of the solution.

In the 4th Ward, either general election candidates will be part of the problem, so most residents have told us they intend to skip the race and vote for their current alderman, Rick Lawrence, who will continue to serve them as Alderman-at-Large.

For school board and township races, there's many candidates, but only a few who have spoken up on what really matters.

The following candidates have promised to stand up for taxpayers and do the right thing (along with selected candidates website links):

Alderman-at-Large - Rick Lawrence
Ward 3 - Reece Boyd
Ward 9 - Edward Bugg
Ward 10 - Lynne Johnson

Supervisor - Al Heriaud
Assessor - Davis Offut
Highway - William Bury
Trustee - Dolores Hicks
Trustee- Don Duve

Neal Ormond

-soap opera in progress-

Supervisor - Rachel Ossyra
Assessor - Warren Dixon
Trustee - Janice Anderson

Krishna Bansal

NOTE:  Only candidates who have confirmed their promise to stand up for taxpayers and do the right thing have been listed.


Anonymous said...

News flash Rick Lawrence endorses Rick Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

Based on the yard signs from my neighbors, the 4th ward endorses Bob O'Conner. I have not seen any outward support of Rick Lawrence.

Is there a list of Aurora citizens that endorse Rick other than the anonymous posters on open line which may be one person in there mother's basement?

Anonymous said...

Since things have a way of disappearing from this blog when Openline doesn't like the comments or results, I've printed off this list. It will be a fun score sheet for tomorrow, to keep track to see if Openline's record runs true and most of these people lose due to the Openline Effect.

Anonymous said...


That is a great idea, I will check open line hourly to see how often it is scrubbed clean of anything, especially if it is not pro Rick.

Anonymous said...

I love Dr. No's white disco jacket.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised openline did not endorse Leonard and Johnson. They have cleaned up the district and are now being targeted by a big money campaign donors of Weisners like Ed Bonifus from Alarm Detection. They put a no nocensus bid system that has sent the City into a panic.
That is why the negative press continues. Ten of thousands and big signs spent on a non paying job. But see Strand and Montroy do get paid their spouses work for the district.
Robo calls, direct mailers, fancy flyers, big signs just drive though the East Side and look at who Strand and Montroys friends are Rick Guzman, Carrie Anne Ergo, to name a few.
Backing of the Mayors tech center, appointments to mayoral committees Polical pay to play is alive and well in the East Aurora Schools. VOTE AGAINST STRAND MONTROY PERYEA.

Also Peryea house is illegally taxed and she is not a taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

to 7:25
very Milleresque

Anonymous said...

Didn't Lawrence quit on us when he ran for Mayor a few years back?

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawrence is the Sarah Palin of Aurora, quit and then complain.

Anonymous said...

Where will they be in two years?

Bob O’Connor finally comes clean and admits he admires PeeWee Herman and Orville Redenbacher and he wishes he was brave enough to wear a bow tie

Stephanie Lulay, watches the Wizard of Oz, and after being inspired by the Scarecrow, goes off in search of a brain.

Chuck Nelson admits he is a battered husband and weeps openly in public – no one is surprised

Judd Lofchie will be halfway through his first term, when he is robbed and beaten to death in an alley in downtown aurora by a homeless streetwise vendor

Jay Leonardi will meet the girl of his dreams in college, falls in love, and invites her to meet the folks at Christmas – she will take one look at Aurora and tell Jay they are getting married and living in Naperville – Jay moves away from Aurora never to be heard of again – proving he is smarter than anyone else

Dan Leonardi - runs for Alderman-At-Large against Irvin – loses handily in a 3 way race thus finding out that no one east of Farnsworth and west of Edgelawn ever heard of the name Leonardi.

Matt Harrington - runs for Alderman-At-Large again – this time he runs as Matt “Pedro” Harrington and goes after the amigo vote - he receives 17 votes

Mavis Bates - see a bright shiny object glimmering in a corn field at night and wanders off – she is found frozen to death in the corn field the next morning, her hand grasping an empty diet coke can…

Duane Kleckner - gets a surprise call from Hollywood and is offered the part of Shemp in the upcoming 3 stooges movie.

Chuck Norris – offended by being offered the part of Curly in the upcoming 3 stooges movie, tries to let his hair grow back in, only to find out he really is bald

Rick Lawrence is cast as Captain Marvel in the upcoming Avengers movie

Leo Leonardi - gets pissed off that everyone else in Aurora is getting movie parts and ends up in a substance abuse program where he becomes best friends with Nick Nolte

Reece Boyd – graduates from divinity school and then opens a strip club with Dan Hites, strangely he donates the profits to abused women shelters proving once again he is one of the areas more complicated figures

Kevin Matthews - moves away to Texas and starts a chinchilla farm – oddly enough it is profitable

Bill Donnell – is found dead at home, dangling in front of a mirror, a victim of auto erotic asphyxiation

Juany Garza – does hard time after being convicted under Rico statutes – she admits she is an illegal alien and asks to be deported back to mexico

Tom Wesiner - is arrested for public urination and drunkenness and enters the AA 12 step program where he ends up spending the rest of his life on step number 9

Anonymous said...

this is why Rick has soooo many supporters.

Captain Marvel? more like donald duck.

Anonymous said...

would it be funny if we added Rick Lawrence arrested for child porn, marries new shower buddy in prison.

Anonymous said...

Seems like if your name is NOT "Rick Lawrence" you are a no good crook, liar, and cheater.

Anonymous said...

According to Openline and Rick, that is.

Anonymous said...

Matt Harrington - runs for Alderman-At-Large again – this time he runs as Matt “Pedro” Harrington and goes after the amigo vote - he receives 17 votes

That is golden. Will Aurora ever hear from Matt Harrington again? He is supposedly a political consultant. How in the world can you be a political operative and run two comically pathetic campaigns back-to-back (Hurtado and 9th ward).

Anonymous said...

Bravo 12:50 am!!! Especially:
Tom Wesiner - is arrested for public urination and drunkenness and enters the AA 12 step program where he ends up spending the rest of his life on step number 9.
HAHAHAHAHAHA (etc) Brilliant and SO TRUE, that's exactly what he must do.

I've known Weisner for many years and will never, ever vote for him again. I am repeatedly left speechless by his arrogance. Only in a town where few people are watching would a man like Weisner thrive.

Dan Lentz said...

To 6:18AM

Rick Lawrence feels there is too much money in the system already. Therefore, he has not taken ONE dime in contributions, nor is he using supporter money for his campaign. Rick is the only Alderman-At-Large candidate not for sale.

Do not discount lack of signage for lack of support.

Anonymous said...

I just discount Rick Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

Is this Blog and every post on it that supports Rick, his way of campaigning?

If it is the nasty, bully boy posts are a reflection on Rick Lawrence.

Captain Marvel? really?

Is Rick insane? said...

MR. Lawrence failed the gentleman test. Regardless of his solid views on most issues, his foolish pride was more important than his platform and the city he lives in.

By not denouncing the crude emails on his behalf, he sunk to approving gutter politics. I get the feeling this was a test to see how much bs we could take. I have not witnessed such a poorly run campaign...ever

Anonymous said...

Just voted for O'Connor

Anonymous said...

1:53 good gosh 1;53 you sound like some sort of a fag!

Is Rick insane? said...

3:38 You must have a sexual identity issue. Just so you know, a good doctor might be able to help you with that.

Anonymous said...

Sham Rick Lawrence, Sham on this blog

Anonymous said...

So using Openline's report of the election results, I compared that to Openline's recommendations. Looks like the Openline Effect is still working. HALF of Openline's recommendations lost. 16 recommendations, 8 wins, 8 losses. In the Aurora city races, Openline had 2 wins and 3 losses.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who to vote for?

Read Openline, or flip a coin.

Same difference!


Anonymous said...

No -- at least the coin itself has value.