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Friday, April 19, 2013

Magic Tricks, Campaign Cash and City Contracts of Aurora - Now You See It, Now You Don't

Crossposted by Larry Frieders

First, a brief history.  Moving Aurora Forward (MAF) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) created on February 8, 2013. Chuck Anderson (the treasurer and business manager of Painters District Council 30) operates 
Chuck Anderson
 the PAC. He has stated the purpose of the PAC is to promote positive things and candidates in Aurora.

 A PAC may legally raise funds to campaign for or against a candidate but may not make contributions directly to a candidate. In the case of MAF, payments were made to the Post Office and to a local printing company for mailings sent to residents supporting Alderman at Large, Bob O'Connor, who was running against Alderman Rick Lawrence who decided not to run for reelection as Fourth Ward Alderman, a position he held for the previous two terms.

Robert O'Connor
Aurora Alderman at Large
Eight Terms
 Moving Aurora Forward succeeded in its efforts to retain O'Connor, a longtime political fixture in Aurora and seven-time incumbent (now entering his eighth term in office). Contrary to the earliest American politicians, who strove to serve their country in a political role then return to their civilian lives, modern politicians have found ways to make politics a career. Locally, Mr. O'Connor has certainly found his professional niche in politics.

 The mailing campaigns supported by MAF cost in the neighborhood of $24,000. Where did the PAC get its money? Our mayor arranged for a contribution of $18,000. The PAC began business with a bankroll of $2,950. Others donated as well. This is where the story gets interesting. One contributor was Globetrotters Engineering of Chicago. They made a payment on March 29, 2013, just two days after they made a proposal to the Finance Committee to provide Motor Vehicle Parking Services Parking Enforcement for the Division of Property Standards. This proposal was approved by the committee (3–0) and is identified as F13.082.

Vanished in a
Puff of Smoke.
 News of alleged improprieties involving the PAC, Globetrotters, the Finance Committee, and the Mayor circulated on April 8, 2013, one day before the local election (“Weisner-backed PAC supports O'Connor, by Stephanie Lulay, Beacon News). Moving Aurora Forward triumphed under a cloud of suspicion about how money was raised.

 The Committee of the Whole convened April 16, 2013 and the Globetrotters proposal was sent back to committee. Why? It passed 3–0 on March 27, 2013 yet was not discussed today. Four new aldermen have been elected. The primary antagonist on our City Council has long been Rick Lawrence. He was defeated in his bid and will not be in an official position to raise points of propriety regarding the PAC, Globetrotters, the proposal for services, or how money was raised to “…promote positive things and candidates in Aurora”. The events and timing surely raise a few flags. The total dollars involved are relatively small, but it isn't the size of the contribution. Rather it is the timing of it.

 The disappearance of agenda item, F13.082, from the meeting does little to shed positive light on how we do political business in Illinois’ Second Largest City.


Al Kohollick said...

"promote positive things and candidates in Aurora.".......this is purposely vague code for "the Aurora Candy Store is now open". This PAC is not much different than the City controlled TIF. It's just a layered way to take money from Aurora taxpayers and redistribute it to the friends and cohort of Aurora City government. Where there is a lack of checks and balances, there is going to be a lot of corruption and misuse of taxpayer's funds.

Anonymous said...

Well ya'll did have choice in the matter, but now 11 or the 12 aldermanic positions are now held by tools of the mayor, the 12th is a fairly liberal alderman who was propped up by another corrupt exiting alderman. So I would say the citizens of aurora knowingly voted for corruption and more wild spending.

Anonymous said...

about 10% of eligible voters voted in the election, which is far less than the general population.

and, of that 10% lots of people rejected Weisner or didn't realize they didn't need to vote for an unopposed.

so, only a fraction of the population truly supports Weisner and those are the ones that tend to get some benefit from the corruption.

It's sad. Aurora is the next Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Bob didn't need 5 bucks to beat Rick.
Bob got his message out. Rick was an awful candidate. Go to the states attorney or the feds Dan Webb. You have options, but no evidence. Tha is why you whine here.

I love watching you fools continue to embarrass your selves...

Anonymous said...

How can we blame the corrupt, Mayor Weisner for this?
I know now, it is a plot. Weisner, set up a meeting with Cheech & Chong. The Mayor talked the 2 stone heads, into drugging the corrupt Governor, who has ties to the corrupt mafia chief Madigan, who knows the corrupt president Obama, who then talked to the non corruptible Saint Rick Lawrence, with the message "Why cant we all get along" To which the Pope said, Bless You & Saint Rick.

Anonymous said...

Let's run the numbers and see if Cheech and Chong agree. A PAC is established by a one Chuck Anderson, a known weisner cohort. Weisner in fact contributes $18,000 to said PAC.
This PAC then spends $24,000 in support of a specific aldermanic candidate, yet 6:17 with poor sarcastic wit makes lite the bearded leader may have attempted to influence this aldermanic race.

Anonymous said...

May have attempted the alder-manic race? It did affect the race. PAC are legal aren't they? Guess what, YEP they are! You need to get this straight. It is Legal for an elected official to have an opinion on who is the better a candidate.

IF there is anything illegal there, Im with you. However whining seems to be your preferable way of communicating.

Anonymous said...

Wow a bunch of degenerate queers march on Aurora today and no mention from openline!

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:28
Want to point out in my post where i said anything about illegal. Maybe you should learn to read. No wait... you appearently support the wiz and comprehension makes your head hurt.

Anonymous said...

5:27 My point exactly, there is nothing illegal in what you said, which makes your commentary pointless. You throw around words like mafia, and corruption like they were illegal & factual. Your hate for Weisner is consuming you.

Anonymous said...

10:28 I'm not so sure the money affected the race. Yes, the money was spent. Yes, O'Connor won. But you can't proved that the first caused the second. Maybe some people who don't like O'Connor saw all the signs, and came out and voted for Lawrence. Maybe O'Connor would have won by a bigger margin by NOT spending the money. After all, Weisner spent money on his race. And it definitely did NOT affect the outcome.

Anonymous said...

8:40 pm
Your contempt for them may say something about your own sexual confusion and identity. Im sure they would be glad to help you with your own sexual identity. I thought you might like a helpful hint or 2.

Feel free to embrace your female side

Anonymous said...

Actually 12:24 the question is whether 8:40 has a HUMAN side.

Actually, though, maybe he meant the definition of "queer" that has nothing to do w/ sexual orientation, like strange, weird, etc. I was driving thru downtown about that time and I saw a number of "queer" people of that description. They were all carrying signs about God creating Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I thought the whole argument was that God created everyone and everything in the universe. Guess those people were kinda selective in which parts of the bible they choose to follow. Bet some of them were wearing clothes made of more than one fiber, too -- which is against the bible.