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Monday, April 08, 2013

Political Mafia of Aurora, Including Mayor Tom Weisner, Boss Bob Vaughan and Union Thug Chuck "Shorty" Anderson Pour Thousands Into Election 2013 to Keep Status-Quo, Corruption and Pay-to-Play

7-term old-guard crony Alderman Bob O'Connor of Aurora who has been been wasting taxpayer money for three decades and, as Chairman of the Finance Committee, has rubber-stamped every corrupt and taxpayer exploiting scheme for Mayor Tom Weisner, would like people to believe he's a "nice guy" and "his own man."

O'Connor has been intentionally misleading everyone and, in recent days, has been involved with negative, condescending, sleazy campaign tactics.

Turns out Weisner, political mafia boss Bob Vaughan and union thug Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") are pouring tens of thousands into buying the seat for Alderman-at-Large for O'Connor to insure that he will continue to be there to rubber-stamp the corruption, fraud and waste.

Vaughan "officially" makes over $300,000 per year in his "retirement" including from a luxury pension at taxpayer expense, consulting on sleazy campaigns and running the Dunham Fund, which has turned into a philanthropic political slush fund.

State of Illinois officials confirm the political mafia of Aurora setup an "independent" PAC (political actions committee) to launder and/or funnel tens of thousands to support O'Connor.

The PAC lists Shorty (Chuck Anderson) as the Chairman and Treasurer, but is "coincidentally" operated from the home of Bob Vaughan at 1885 Alschuler Drive in Aurora, also often referred to as the "real City Hall" since most of city contracts and who's going to profit are controlled from there.

Weisner has directly dumped $18,000 into the scheme, aside from his efforts on behalf of his own campaign fund.

Sources say the total amounts will soar far higher, but as of March 31st, approximately $50,000 has been spent on mailers, signs, goons and schemes to tilt the race.

Meanwhile, Alderman Rick Lawrence, who has taken ZERO campaign donations, said late Sunday night, that he was "disappointed" that O'Connor was so intertwined with the mayor, Vaughan and the unions, but not surprised.

"Tom works for Bob Vaughan.  I work for the taxpayers, not Tom," said Lawrence. 
"I know they keep sending out all these mailers that clog up recycling bins, but voters have a clear choice in this election.  It's not simply about any candidate. 
It's a question of which direction we are going to go...are we going to stay with the status-quo way of doing things or are we going to change and put Aurora on the right path?"
Weisner, Vaughan and the political mafia have not just been attempting to manipulate the Alderman-at-Large race, but EVERY race in Aurora, including each city council race and school board races, despite false claims to the contrary.

As one political observer astutely noted, "good news is Tom Weisner, Bob Vaughan, Bob O'Connor all have a track record of wasting money on everything they touch, so even if they spend $50,000 or $100,000 to try and buy a city council seat, they will likely waste most of it anyway."

O'Connor claims he "didn't know" all these mailers, money and mafia were being coordinated for him.

When asked if it's just a coincidence, he said "it could be."

Everything in Aurora is just a "coincidence."  That's why it's "coincidentally" second to none for corruption.

NOTE:  Watch for yourself as Bob O'Connor displays his condescending behavior at the recent Aurora Chamber of Commerce candidate forum.


Anonymous said...

Citizens of aurora exercise your right to vote. LEAVE THE BOX FOR MAYOR BLANK

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that this blog of Rick Lawrence's is totally unbiased.

Vote for Rick on Weds.

Anonymous said...

Betcha old man Dunham is really proud the way his millions are used for corruption and graft. Apparently he had the wrong lawyers set up the fund. I know some of the immediate recipients just love to give their "loved one's" millions to the Whizz just to keep their jobs at city hall.

Anonymous said...

I am organizing a group of my neighbors to get to the polls to vote for Bob O'Conner. My son just turned 18 and is excited to make his vote count.

Anonymous said...

Is Rick reporting this blog on his D-2 forms? It's obviously part of his campaign.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the openline blog throws around terms like Boss and Union Thug.

How about adding psycho, bully, mentally unstable home invader.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:37
in the interest of truth they should always add psycho and bully when referring to the bearded leader.

Anonymous said...

There certainly seems to me, an issue regarding Ricks ability to work with others on a professional level. With his refusal to denounce the childish name calling, the worse appears obvious. No matter how much I agree with most of his platform, I can not vote for him.

Anonymous said...

If open line wants to call out the Political Mafia,

Is it ok to call out the political KKK of Aurora?

Is it ok Rick? pot meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone make sense what was said on that audio snippet? I couldn't understand what he said with all the room echo.

Anonymous said...

to 11:22

make sense? it is not meant to make sense.

watch Fox and Bill O'Reilly, or Sarah Palin, or Bachmann, just verbal diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the comments on these posts, it sure feels like Openline has lost the room. Doesn't bode well for Rick if he can't even get support on his own campaign blog.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in the East Aurora school board race ten of thousands of dollars got dumped into the Strand Montroy campaign by staff members who have been taking money for years. Only difference was EA was cleaning up. the campaign advisor fir Strand Montroy is none other than Rick Guzman mayoral never see him Rick.

Anonymous said...

So have you gotten the States attorney after these people? What crime to you have proof of?

I'm guessing these allegations are false. Dont you have an obligation to the City, to contact the authorities if there has been a crime committed?

If not, SHUT THE **** UP

Ron Anderson said...

A few days ago I had a chance to talk to Irlanda Gardiakos. We spoke about the city we both love, and some of the issues that it faces. I will say right up front, that Irlanda is a kind & intelligent person, who thinks before she speaks. She has a way of working on tough issues in a gentle manner. However, Irlanda will not be ignored or intimidated.

I have lived in Aurora most of my life. I am proud of this town. I went to East High and graduated in 1975. I have raised my children here, watched them proudly as the went from Kindergarten to graduates at Aurora U and NIU. So yes,I have a stake in this town & yes, I enjoy living in Aurora.

Every color in the rainbow lives in this city. I have no agenda, except to see this city thrive. Irlanda is part of the fabric of this city.Her and her husband Soterios love this town & they own a small business here. She is the perfect person for this task.

We all know, there has been to much discord between hot headed elected officials in Aurora. Occasionally, that is fine, but when it gets worse year after year, it needs to stop. Freedom demands debate, & it is positive that we challenge each other on the issues that we as a city face.

Irlanda speaks 3 languages including Spanish, Greek & English. With Irlanda, you will have someone who can understand your question and answer it. She will sit through a city council meeting knowing exactly what is happening, and how it may affect the 2nd Ward.

Irlanda will speak up for the 2nd Ward, because she can!

To sum this up, Irlanda is focused on job growth, with less taxes & government regulation. She will also pursue an above board consistent approach to accounting for all city money spent in the 2nd Ward & this will be done on a regular basis.

Give Irlanda your vote, Aurora & the 2nd Ward will a better place with her participation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Openline is setting up the excuses for Rick Lawrence's defeat.

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawrence isn't perfect, but property taxes have gotten ridiculous in Aurora. It's time to vote in people who aren't going to be tax and spend politicians. I will not vote for Weisner or any of his mafia.

Anonymous said...

Are we all children here. There is know part of any mafia in City Hall. Those who wanted Weisner out, didn't find someone to run against him. Rick isn't goin to do it. Yes, there is a need to run a decent opponent to run against Weisner. Have some dignity. Let's not blame Weisner, as no one stepped up to challenge him. mburoto

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Weisner deserves the blame for enriching cronies and campaign contributors at the expense of tax payers

Anonymous said...

to 5:41

That was the best post of the day,

and back to you,

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,..."

one of my favorite quotes from my favorite Republican Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt, Paris, France April 23, 1910

Anonymous said...

6:22 If what the mayor did was illegal, the he should face prosecution. So Rick & your supporters take it to the next level.... Quit talking about corruption, prove it

Anonymous said...

Weisner deserves street justice. Since he is a liberal he shoudl get what he deserves, so should his family.

Anonymous said...


That is close to being a threat. Bringing the mayors family into this, is WAY Out of Line. You may want to rethink what you said. There may be an apology in order.

Anonymous said...


This blog talks about political mafia, Boss, corruption, and then makes a threat to the mayor and his family, real nice.

That is the sign of a bully, and another reason not to vote for Rick, as this is his blog.

Anonymous said...

2:31 "rethink" is the wrong term. I doubt that any thinking went into 11:26's post in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I just voted for Bob O'Connor!

Anonymous said...

hello 11:26 pm 4/8/13

have a screen print of your post just to remember it.

Are there any Rick Supporters who condemn this post?

this is a threat to an elected official.

If this stands then the young people of Aurora can use it as a teaching moment.

Anonymous said...

I do think that it is funny that 11:26 could not spell should, (shoudl) I mean really, these people can also vote and have children.

Hey rick use spell check.

anyway what is a shoudl?

Anonymous said...

Rick, does this blog make you proud?

Philip Howard said...

Go Bob! Just returned from voting and am looking forward to seeing the returns come in.