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Monday, April 15, 2013

Radio Publicity Stunt Backfires on Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, Costs Taxpayers Thousands, Takes Kids Out of School and Wastes Police Resources

Things must be really desperate at Aurora's City Hall.

After recently hiring Clayton Muhammad for over $100,000 to be city's new communication director to oversee many other staff doing mysterious unknown work for taxpayers, corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner finally found something for Clayton to do.

Radio publicity stunts.

Yes, really.

WTMX 101.9 FM Chicago's "Eric and Kathy" show held a "Battle of the Burbs" contest to increase listeners from the suburbs and the City of Aurora fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

However, this was not the mayor and his staff running around on their personal time listening to the radio and playing contests.  This was at YOUR expense.

According to several reports, city staff spent several hours for days to try and win the contest and then, even worse, when it won, it decided to have a publicity stunt to celebrate a publicity stunt.

Some reports say an estimated $10,000 in taxpayer resources were wasted.

So, what did Eric and Kathy think of Aurora?

They didn't show up.

Instead, marketing reps from the station showed up and the city wasted valuable police resources and staff to accompany them as they drove through Aurora to the staged event at the Paramount Theatre, where dozens of kids had been pulled from school and their education for the morning to participate in the publicity stunt.

In fact, other than city staff and the kids being used as props, the public wasn't present.

According to many of the kids in attendance, the trophy looked so small that it was clearly annoying Weisner.

After all, he was hoping for something big to compensate for his own issues.

Much to the disappointment of rank-n-file officers, Aurora Police upper management officials have been involved with several publicity stunts for the corrupt mayor.

One student said "the mayor looked foolish standing there with the tiny trophy, talking on a cell phone."

We can't wait to see the next publicity stunt for Weisner.

What other publicity stunts would you like to see the City of Aurora waste your taxdollars with?  If we are going to waste so much money, at least let's come up with something better?

Weisner dressed as "weiner" hot dog in front of Wrigley Field or US Cellular Field?


Anonymous said...

Clayton was a hack at East Aurora spent ten of thousands promoting Boys 2 Men, and in the latest d131 finally got their computer back after a month. The computer and hard drive had been destroyed nothing on it. One needs to ask what was he hiding. He still thinks he is working for the school, giving kids little awards while he pumps up his own ego. The real story at 131 was they are more than happy the city took him off their hand.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that the kids can showcase their talents, but it appears that the mayor brings the kids in when he knows that the event would not be supported by the community without kids involved.

Anonymous said...

Its all for the kids Clayton and the Mayor exploit them for their own gain.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Openline said that Weisner might leave in two years. How can we encourage this?

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about Boys 2 Men. I've heard of it but have never heard about anything that they are accomplishing. Is it real or just some phony program that's all about the organizer. I get the same vibes from Triple Threat. Plus there is usually some evangelical aspect that's really creepy, especially since they're always after taxpayer funds. Across the board in Aurora there seems to be lots of lies being told and sold, based on the personal agendas of people who are looking for city handouts. The original lie is the one that says the downtown will be revitalized if we just spend a million or so more. The current administration makes Dixon's Rita Crundwell look like a petty shop lifter. And we'll NEVER get this wasted money back.

Anonymous said...

Clayton has had minor students as friends on his PRIVATE Facebook page for years. Unlike every other D131 teacher & staff member, who have been specifically instructed not to have current (or underaged) students as "friends", Clayton acts as though the rules and expectations do not apply to him.

No surprise the computer had been cleaned might have been subpoena'ed for evidence against the district.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Clayton Kinard-Muhammad.

AKA Farrakhan's Disciple, and the Pied Piper of Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Openline must be supported by Rick Lawrence, it is always so negative. I was at the event and spoke to many of the youth that attended and were involved. They all were happy to participate and attend. I did not hear ONE negative comment from anyone.

I challenge Openline to give details on the remarks that were negative towards the Mayor and the event. I also challenge Openline to print ONE article on something positive in the City of Aurora. I do not believe I have ever seen one unless it involves Rick Lawrence. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Roberts looked the other way for Clayton he allowed him to do B2M at school all day. We were never sure what Clayton did. He would run around taking pictures and not one student was ever get a picture. The district paid for all the printing and video production for B2M and had the secretary send out letters of financial support for this organization.
This organization was illegal and never did a thing for the students. He hand picked boys that were getting good grades and show cased them. Most of the high preforming kids come from Oswego, Indian Prairie, and Marmion. Only a few are from East and West. Not the breaking up of gangs the Mayor thinks. Clayton snowed him because Clayton was ready to get busted. Just FOIA the report on his computer Mr Mayor

Anonymous said...

Great to see Open Line has been officially critizied by the "why are you so negative" shills from City Hall. This is promising, as it shows Mayor Griftbags has finally noticed..or somebody has and has started his anti OL riff.

Please keep it up OL, continue to push what's wrong, and knock off the racist shit..a lot of people are starting to listen.

Anonymous said...

And the Openline shills like you have also piped up, 6:36. Hate to burst your bubble, but there are A LOT of people who dislike Weisner AND Openline. Weisner and Openline have a lot in common with a broken clock; sometimes you're both right, and most of the time you're both wrong.

Anonymous said...

Start your own blog then - but I bet a pussy such as yourself will never do it.

Anonymous said...

Time to Take out the Trash

Anonymous said...

Ah, but then I would have the fun to have such intellectual conversations with you, 9:52.

Al Kohollick said...

I plan on boycotting the Randy Travis concert at the John C. Dunham Pavillion at RiversEdge Park. That's the sort of thing that will promote change in local government and politics.

Anonymous said...

Here is the real question. Why do we keep pumping tax money into downtown Aurora. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

What has 23 teeth and 47 feet?
The front row of a Randy Travis concert.
Bring your bug spray y'all.

Anonymous said...

Aurora has never been able to use media to their advantage.
Years ago when Wayne's World was on SNL, then mayor Dave Pierce was invited and declined to make a cameo appearance on Wayne's World.
So, when the movies were made, Hollywood didn't bother asking again,based on Pierce dissing the entertainment world.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to Learn to Spell
before you can go from Boys 2 Men.
Gee, if only Merriam Webster was still around and had a license to kill.