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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day - Be Sure to Thank Politicians in Aurora, Chicago, Springfield or Washington DC for Wild Spending, Debt, Tax Increases

Stephanie Kifowit stumped by tax increase question

When it comes to having the highest taxes, most spending, debt and biggest corruption epidemic, there is no doubt Aurora, Illinois is "second to none" and would win any "Battle of the Burbs" contest thanks to the incompetent and corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner.

Pat Quinn, Michael and Lisa Madigan pushed through a 67 percent income tax increase for Illinois.  In 2012, they extracted over $6.4 billion from you because of it, but they didn't use the money to fund innovation, improvements or education.

Most of it was dumped into the endless pit also known as the pension ponzi scheme of Illinois.

Barack Obama, the local political rockstar turned President, after getting re-elected in 2012, immediately went for tax increases to avert the "fiscal cliff."

So, on April 15th, the day when everyone must pay juice to the political mafia, make sure you contact your local, state and federal elected officials today.

Tell them "thanks" for making you pay so much of your hard-earned money so they can go and waste it, enrich their cronies, enrich themselves and stuff their luxury pensions with automatic increases.


Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for you to discuss the bill that recently failed in the house that would have kept local governments from raising our taxes when the value of our homes falls. I really liked the idea, but it went down to a bipartisan defeat. Tom Cross voted "Present". Linda Chapa-Lavia voted against it. But I suspect the reason Openline hasn't written about it is that Kifowit voted WITH the taxpayers and for the bill. Good article about it in the Daily Herald.

Anonymous said...

Where's kifowits repeal of the Illinois tax rate?

Anonymous said...

Where is ANY legislator's repeal of the Illinois tax rate? The bill described in the Herald article was something that would hold the line on property taxes NOW. It was put out there for a vote, and Kifowit supported it. Unfortunately, a lot of repubs and dems opposed it. If you're going to slam her for something she (and the rest of the legislature) hasn't done, it's the fair and honorable thing to recognize something good she HAS done. But I guess fair and honorable is not your thing.

Anonymous said...

What has she done? Please list all the good things she has done.

Anonymous said...

Rule Number 1 when dealing with politicians; believe nothing, demand proof, they are professionals liars.

Every day Pat Quinn tells every microphone that he can that the teacher pension system is 96 billion dollars in debt. Just look at the Teacher Retirement System web site, it tells a different truth, one backed up with facts.

The TRS has over 35 billion dollars in reserve and total expenditures are roughly 3 billion dollars a year. Do the math. If they received no incoming funds, they would be solvent for another ten years.

This is just another way for the politicians to try and rip off the working class.

WAKE UP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11:38 You are right. Give Credit when it is due. Man up. No that wont happen. There is to much hate inside you. Im done with openline...It is run by hateful, spiteful. low life idiots.

Anonymous said...

12:38 why bother? You've already made up your mind, and will ignore anything positive anyway. I already gave you one thing good she did, and you want more. If I list 10, you'll want 20. If I list 100, you'll want 200. And of course you'll just ignore it anyway. Your mind is like a steel trap -- rusted shut.

Anonymous said...

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham did his best to protect local politicians from the impact of bad news on taxes. Cunningham released Kane County tax rates on Tuesday, April 9th while residents were voting in local elections.

The news for Aurora Taxpayers is particularly bad. The city of Aurora rate went from 1.76 to 1.99 - an increase of 13%.

The news is similar for school districts
East Aurora increased 21% from 4.91 to 5.96
West Aurora increased 14% from 5.16 to 5.88.

Cunningham did voters of Kane County a disservice by withholding the tax rates from voters until election day.

Anonymous said...


Well we finally did it. As of today we finished filing all our paperwork and are now Florida residents.

Our bid on a nice home was accepted, and the property taxes are about 1/3 of what they are in Aurora and we have a lot more house in an city that is not in decline. We are delighted.

We bought a 4 bedroom 3 bath home built in 2007 for 142K. Our total property tax bill is 2723!

We are delighted. We figure to save about 5,446 in property taxes and save 9,513 in income taxes, that is 14,959 a year!

So essentially our new home will be free in 10 years with the savings.

More sunshine, great winters, lower taxes, fewer Mexicans, better schools (gee you don't think their is a correlation there do you). Bye-bye Aurora and Illinois!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news 6:58. That's the kind of thing that bill discussed in the Herald would have prevented.

Anonymous said...

9:07 I said goodby to that Illinois and Aurora corruption 5 years ago and could not have been happier. SO far saved 65,000 dollars in property and income taxes....also in Fla, where concealed carry is an option. I enjoy eating out more often and keep the evil UNION politicians from doing the same on my dollar.