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Monday, May 13, 2013

Aurora Dumps Millions of Taxdollars to Lure Ballydoyle to Downtown While Ballydoyle Spends It's Own Money and Zero Taxdollars to Locate in Naperville's Downtown

Ballydoyle, the Irish pub that was lured to open a location in depressed downtown Aurora at a cost of millions to taxpayers thanks to corrupt mayor Tom Weisner, is using those profits to spend its own money to add a new location called "Empire"in Naperville's vibrant downtown at the former site of Rosebud.

And, unlike Aurora taxpayers giving away millions, in the case of Naperville, Ballydoyle will not only cost Naperville taxpayers ZERO, but immediately start generating tax revenue when it opens in December 2013.

Let's review...

Ballydoyle's deal in Aurora:
Cost taxpayers over $2.5 million
Will take many years to recoup costs
Adjacent Restaurant Row is a flop

Ballydoyle's deal in Naperville:
Cost taxpayers ZERO
Will immediately generate revenue for taxpayers
Adds to vibrant downtown with many options and competition

In other news, homeowners in Aurora pay almost three times higher rate than Naperville.


Anonymous said...

Openline there are about 12 people in Aurora who give a damn about this. And everyone who ran for office showing they cared was trounced in the election. The Aurora township republicans have seen several precinct captains resign. No one in Aurora cares about spending. Seriosuly, no one cares - really.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that the point? Ballydoyle needed to be begged to come to Aurora, and then they go into Naperville without problems. Aurora is a bad town. Maybe you think Culture Stock is the answer. I think that just makes it sadder.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to come downtown where it looks more like Mexico than America? The mayor and the city council needed something that would attract whites. Why, you ask? Simple reason: they need the white man's money.

It's all about race people. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. You want business to flourish in downtown Aurora, then bring in more tattoo parlors, legalize prostitution and marijuana there by open a row of brothels and head shops.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side...those visiting Aurora will get free parking....for a limited time only...but if you can't see those two feet parking signs hidden by the parked cars you could be fined!

Anonymous said...

Also you will now be tracked and eventually your plates run across all databases.

Merchants will be able to FOIA all the data and build shopping profiles and divorce attorney's will have field day figuring out how much time you spend at bars, at dinner and with whom. Once they have the times you are there it will be a simple matter to subpoena the many public cameras to establish whom you are with.

Insurance companies will want this information to determine rates and for investigations.

Anonymous said...

Reality: BallyDoyles sucks. Two Brothers sucks. DoughBalls is mediocre.

You know what is hilarious, that new Mexican Restaurant on the southeast of NewYork and Broadway has a much, much, much better burger than anything Two Brothers of BallyDoyles could ever dream of making. That is the best burger I have had in many years. In a Mexican restaurant of all places. And they opened without a dime of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Aurora cops arrest 10 people in a prostitution sting and how many times have we heard of this happening. Then you political correct, enabling morons wonder why businesses go to Naperville.

Anonymous said...

Uh Naperville has a huge amount of prostitution. And Naperville women are among the most promiscuous in America.

Whenever I want to get laid I hit the bars in Naperville. Very seldom do I not get lucky. It is actually much harder to find a one nighter at a bar in Aurora. The women here, actually want to know something about you and sort of operate on a referral basis. In Naperville, being cute is enough because she is probably married and only has that night.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Aurora whores want to know about you. With all the stings, you might be a cop. They've gotten more street smart than the Naperville whores.

And you say "Naperville women are among the most promiscuous in America." You don't know that.

Anonymous said...

He is right. You can search around on the net, it was on WLS last year. They surveyed Craigslist as well as websites that cater to married women looking for men and Naperville was the number one community in America for promiscuity.

Anonymous said...

The proposed Ballydoyle restaurant in downtown Naperville (Empire) has fallen through, they will not be opening.

The building they were going to be in, the old Rosebud location at the corner of Chicago and Main needs to much work ($) to rehab.

Watch for the Ballydoyle people to buy out Jimmy Bergeron and take over the Jimmy's space later this year. Ballydoyle's owner has long wanted to be in downtown Naperville and Bergeron apparently wants to focus on his new Wise Boxer operation.