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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Stop Pay-to-Play, Cash for for Contracts and Corruption in Aurora? Just Call It Sex

Aurora Police spent significant time, resources and staff time over two days recently in a prostitution sting that arrested 10 people, including 6 women and 4 men.

Daily Herald reports:

"The operation, which was conducted Wednesday and Thursday at a private residence in the city, targeted several different online sites known for advertising sexual services."

Meanwhile, Aurora Police brass (not to be confused with rank-n-file officers) have been silent on a different problem, involving pay-to-play, cash for contracts and corruption that has engulfed the city as the fastest-growing crime during the regime of corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner and political mafia boss Bob Vaughan.

In defense of the APD brass, it's important to note they have been working very hard in recent months at publicity stunts with the corrupt mayor and games with crime stats.

Now, as they pay attention to prostitution and since taxpayers are getting screwed every single day, maybe the APD brass needs to just call corruption as "sex" so they focus their attention on it for a couple days.


Anonymous said...

How about a story on why a city of 200,000 can't have a newspaper that is in print every day, more than 1/16 of an inch thick and carries news of local/state/national happenings. It should also report on all school sports (not just West and East Aurora). A viable newsworthy newspaper would be great way to advertise all the events downtown. about a story on why all the new parking signs are only 3 feet tall and you can't see them over the parked cars. Why is it that that the newspaper parking chart doesn't match the city's brochure? Where do people working downtown park?

Come...let's tackle some real issues!

Anonymous said...

If Aurora's so-called corporation counsel seems more distract4ed than normal, it may be because of Scatterday v Scatterday (Kane County Case # 2013 D 000469).