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Thursday, May 16, 2013

President Barack Obama's Administration Reminds Everyone Why Government Is the Problem, Not the Solution


Anonymous said...

Lets see now OBUMMER knows nothing about Bengazhi, nothing about the IRS scandal, knows nothing about N Korea, knows nothing about the gun scandal in Mexico, knows nothing about guns to the rebels in Syria, Knows nothing about the bombing in Boston, knows nothing about the Military killings by the moslem in Texas, knows nothing about his birth certificate, knows nothing about anything...what the F___K are we paying this idiot for?

Anonymous said...

Why are we paying ANY of the idiots we elect and send to Washington, including the congressmen and senators? We think we're electing people to be legislators and leaders, but THEY all put being politicians ahead of the country's needs every time. The IRS scandal is a great example; everybody in the country hates the IRS -- but congress still has a lower approval rating. Look at all the time congress wants to spend (and all our tax money they want to spend) holding politically based witch hunts so they can avoid doing something that will actually benefit the country.