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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Weisner's Wind Scheme in Aurora Fails

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's wind scheme that has cost taxpayers over $220,000 has failed.

The scheme intended to portray the corrupt mayor as "green" involved installing wind turbines at two intersections in Aurora back in early 2011 to supposedly power the traffic light and generate "massive" excess energy back into the grid.

Like every other scheme associated with Weisner, the rubber-stamps on the city council and associated cronies, this failed at results, but succeeded at exploiting taxpayers.

"The turbines have not experienced the output we had hoped for...while they are generating enough energy to power the traffic signal, we are not seeing a consistent excess of electricity generation" said Dan Ferrelli, one of several highly-paid spokespeople for the mayor.

The additional output has been barely enough to power a computer for a few hours a day and city officials claim it's saving a whopping $50 per month, although the real number is closer to zero.

So, let's review:

Tom Weisner spends $220,000 of your taxpayer funds

You MAY get $50 per month in energy savings (real number is far less)

That would take FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED months to recoup the costs.

Or, if you prefer, THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX years.

That's the Aurora Way.


Anonymous said...

This is all Kifowit's fault!

Anonymous said...

What do yo expect from someone who runs unopposed in the second largest city in illinois and don't even get 6,000 votes

Anonymous said...

And how did Rick Lawrence do in his city-wide election? That's right, he got about 2,700 votes.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop. Stop........