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Friday, December 05, 2014

Many Millions of Taxpayer Funds Later, Why Has Downtown Aurora Failed While Downtown Naperville Continues to Thrive?

We've always encouraged our viewers to draw their own conclusions, but we often note facts, images and video speak for themselves.

Since 2005, Aurora, under the regime of Mayor Tom Weisner and corruption czar Bob Vaughan, hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds have been wasted, er...we mean spent on various random schemes and high-profile blunders.

From the Shodeen fiasco to spending millions to lure a bar and pizza place to giveaways or misuse of riverfront land to dumping money into corrupt projects to stopping private sector projects like a major hotel.

For many who have ever lived in Aurora, a video tour of downtown is a reminder of what once was...and still mostly is.  We note the video doesn't include key areas like the old train station crumbling or many other examples of blight and's focused on a small core of downtown and is too fast to notice the high volume of empty buildings.

Has downtown Aurora really objectively improved?

If you believe so, then why does the city need to pay over two million to lure an Irish bar to open here or a million to open up a pizza place for the failed restaurant row (by the way, how's that going Vern LaVia?).

What are the results and the return on investment from spending all those millions of taxpayer funds?

Anyone, anyone?

Aurora's Chief Financial Officer Brian Caputo promised tax revenue would be generated from the Shodeen mess on the east side of the 2009.

That was five years ago.  Oops.  f-i-a-s-c-o.

Why does downtown Aurora continue to fail with allergic reactions from investors, retail and restaurants?

Billy Goat, where are you?

Blame it on the real estate market?  The market from 2005-2008 that saw no progress?

Or the market that continues to attract investors, retail and restaurants to downtown Naperville?

The latest mistake for downtown Aurora is the new prison being built at River and Benton (aka "library").  It's another example of what happens when corruption takes priority over vision.

All these years later, the difference between Aurora and Naperville's downtown is becoming more clear.

Naperville has had a economic development vision, plan and created a tax base to support a thriving downtown.

Aurora has massive corruption, high taxes and a lot of debt.  Second to none.

Here's downtown Naperville.


Anonymous said...

How many Deleon relatives are on the City's payroll? Brothers, sons, daughters, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, sons-in-law, brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law.
It's certainly a simple and fair question that could be easily answered.
The public has a right to know, doesn't it? City employment is supposed to be open and transparent. If that process has been corrupted, then maybe laws must change.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism? In City government? In Illinois? Na, it just can't be!

Anonymous said...

Which geniuses are in charge of getting rid of dangerous eye-sores? The number of burned out houses is ridiculous and many have been that way for two years! Is this why we pay premium taxes, to look at fire bombs rotting out our neighborhoods? Seriously??
No wonder so many people have left Aurora and houses on Hardin, Ingleside and Garfield are now for sale. People are fleeing even the best areas. So pathetic.

Anonymous said...

R-E-L-A-X, 1:51. The village idiots are giving those burned up buildings all of the attention they deserve. Can you expect anything less after Chief Operations Officer Rosario (sic) took six years to get rid of his code violations at 1021 Pearl St.? Be patient, fellow, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll catch fire again.