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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Should Cities With Reverse Economic Development and Blight Such As Aurora Be Allowed to Create Right to Work Zones?

Given the mass exodus of taxpayers and business from Illinois after the fiscal irresponsibility of the Madigan era, what are bold ideas and solutions can be tried to fix the mess?

One idea floated by new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is to allow local communities to create right-to-work zones.

It should be clear he's not suggesting the state implement mandatory right-to-work laws, even though most surrounding states have that.  Instead, he's suggesting that local communities be allowed to create it in areas that may help create an environment that encourages business to invest.

Aurora, which is second to none for all suburbs for corruption, high taxes, spending, debt and reverse economic development under Mayor Tom Weisner, has an epidemic of blight spreading across the city after 10 years of fiscal misconduct.

At the same time, the city's politics is heavily influenced by labor unions that oppose right to work options.  Some unions, such as AFSCME, have concerns over its impact on wages.

We should note not all unions are the same.  In Aurora, Painters District 30 is a mafia-like operation that pays off corrupt politicians with "contributions" and actively participates in sleazy tactics to attack anyone who stands up for taxpayers.  Goons such as Chuck "Shorty" Anderson and Mark Guethle are well-known for the mafia like misconduct that threatens any business or development from investing in the community that doesn't agree to follow their demands.

Aurora is a great example of where a right to work zone could be tested.  Aside from the Madigan-controlled legislature from allowing it, the chances of a corrupt mayor like Tom Weisner who already is in bed with the bad unions going along with it are slim to none.

However, looking ahead, could it work with fiscally responsible and ethical leadership and why shouldn't a community be allowed the option of choosing for itself?


Anonymous said...

Lot's of luck with that happening, taxpayers have no say in anything.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks "lot's" is a word should damn well not have a say in anything.

Anonymous said...

How are the unions bad? Explain yourselve. you write a bs blog! It is almost comical.