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Monday, May 11, 2015

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Dancing for Dollars

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner dancing for dollars at an event for Indian Americans.

Even though he isn't running for mayor again, Weisner recently took thousands in campaign contributions from Indian Americans in exchange for approving a housing development project at an Indian American temple in Aurora off Sullivan Road.

Previously, Weisner has taken tens of thousands from Indian Americans, including Raguvheer Nayak, the central figure in the allegations of Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich selling President Barack Obama's US Senate seat for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Weisner worked out deals to give Nayak ownership of the Old Copley Hospital in Aurora and a strategic property in the path of a development near River Street Plaza in downtown Aurora.

Old Copley has sat blighted with the willful ignorance as a direct result of Weisner and Nayak's shady deal.

Aurora is second to none for corruption, wild spending, taxes, debt and fiscal incompetence in Illinois.

Almost all public projects "coincidentally" involve cronies and campaign contributors of Tom Weisner, ripping off taxpayers for millions. Corruption in Aurora is coordinated by Weisner's campaign chief and former chief of staff, Robert Vaughan.

Nayak currently sits in federal prison.

Weisner? Stay tuned...

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner (left) with close buddy and fundraiser, Raghuveer Nayak (right, currently in federal prison).

Note: there is no difference between corruption and looking the other way on corruption. Please contact the FBI if you have any information regarding corruption in Aurora or any community.


Anonymous said...

DeLeon family hiring casts a long embarrassing shadow over Aurora.

City government is not some family-run operation. Last time that I checked, employees are paid by my tax dollars. As a tax payer, I am footing the bill and this government belongs to me, not to the City Hall players. I am entitled to have the best possible employees working for me, not leftovers whose best qualification is being related to or connected with Rosario DeLeon.

Just because DeLeon family members and friends have failed to make the sacrifices necessary to get the education or training required for a trade or profession, and are not qualified to get a good job in the outside world, is no justification for why they are entitled to clog up the City payroll.

Yet clog up the payroll they have. It's been the classic nepotism and hiring based upon who you know, not what you know.

Anonymous said...

They already owned the property, so I'm not sure what you are implying they were "given."

If there was a zoning issue, that would be up to a zoning department with the opportunity for the private citizens to support or reject.

Mayors cannot grant new zoning. Libel much?