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Monday, May 04, 2015

Extreme Ways Are Back Again | Crony Cop Kristen Ziman Calls Massive Crime and Shootings Increase In Aurora Just An "Uptick"

Aurora, Illinois is second to none for taxes, spending, debt, reverse economic development, crime and corruption under so-called mayor Tom Weisner.

Recently, crony cop Kristen Ziman told taxpayers at propaganda crime forums the increase in shootings in Aurora was just an "uptick."

January to April 2014 Shootings ===> 18
January to April 2015 Shootings =============> 50

Let's do the math:

50 minus 18
= 32 more shootings than the same period last year.

Does that seem like an "uptick" to you?

So, why would Kristen Ziman intentionally mislead everyone when it is so obvious?

It's because the corrupt mayor wants to downplay the crime wave and addressing WHY it's happening.

Rank-n-file police officers, the ones who deal with real crime on the streets, oppose the mayor and his schemes, even protesting his various fundraisers full of corruption and cronies.

But, the Aurora Police brass, including Kristen Ziman, muted Chief Greg Thomas and Joe Groom, the same folks who gave you red light cameras, have exploited crime stats after a "temporary" murder stat of zero for 2012.

As soon as the clock struck 2013, they went on a publicity spree to boast how "crime is down" and portray the corrupt mayor as a genius and how the police were successful in reducing crime.

They even pursued a bonus scheme for police, costing hundreds of thousands to taxpayers.

Why didn't they just call that temporary murder stat a DOWNTICK?

The reality is that crime stats fluctuate, but Aurora has failed since 2012 to reduce crime and instead it's going up and out of control.

The crime forums offered no plan.  Kristen Ziman's only ideas?

1.  Let's be gladiators (armed combatants).
2.  Let's be warriors (keeping the armed fighter theme).
3.  Call 911

So, now that it's clear the Aurora Police Department brass, Kristen Ziman and Mayor Tom Weisner are clueless about crime, it's time for the community to solve this on their own.

But, not just shootings, but ALL crime, including Aurora's #1 crime since 2005: corruption.

And, that's where we come in.

Given that we have crony cops like Kristen Ziman misleading the public while her partner Chris Tunney is on the payroll of the nonprofit Dunham Slush Fund associated with corruption, we and the public owe it to the actual rank-n-file police officers who work hard to help them fight the real crime and stop both the corruption of Aurora and the brass and mayor's exploitation of police officers and crime stats.

Don't be gladiators or warriors.  Those are irresponsible and foolish words of an inexperience and incompetent police leader to encourage violence.

The solution is to get to core issues on why we have chronic crime, poverty, reverse economic development, low school performance and declining property values in a city that is crumbling.

No more uptick propaganda or downtick bonus schemes.  No more exploitation of taxpayers or the cops on the street.

No more excuses.

It's time for the public to save their city in spite of the corrupt, incompetent and clueless leaders that run it.

Extreme ways are back again.


Anonymous said...

Kristen is a complete pawn and just trying to get rich.

Anonymous said...

DeLeon family hiring casts a long embarrassing shadow over Aurora.

City government is not some family-run operation. Last time that I checked, employees are paid by my tax dollars. As a tax payer, I am footing the bill and this government belongs to me, not to the City Hall players. I am entitled to have the best possible employees working for me, not leftovers whose best qualification is being related to or connected with Rosario DeLeon.

Just because DeLeon family members and friends have failed to make the sacrifices necessary to get the education or training required for a trade or profession, and are not qualified to get a good job in the outside world, is no justification for why they are entitled to clog up the City payroll.

Yet clog up the payroll they have. It's been the classic nepotism and hiring based upon who you know, not what you know.