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Monday, May 04, 2015

Crony Cop Kristen Ziman Uses Sgt Schultz Excuse on Looking the Other Way on Aurora Corruption

Crony Cop Kristen Ziman has used the Sgt Schultz excuse (made famous by the show Hogan's Heroes) for looking the other way and being oblivious to widespread corruption in Aurora, Illinois.

Under corrupt mayor Tom Weisner and master of corruption, Robert Vaughan, Aurora is "second to none" for corrupt suburbs in Illinois, the most corrupt state in the United States.

From the $160 million Aurora Police Palace to a river side park to a new library, all public projects "coincidentally" reward cronies and campaign contributors of the mayor.

Vaughan, Weisner's former chief of staff and campaign chief, runs a nonprofit slush fund while collecting a massive six-figure pension from Illinois taxpayers.

Dunham Slush Fund's board members include many cronies and those who benefit from contracts at taxpayer expense, including members of the Morcos family, close friends with Ziman.

Kristen Ziman's partner, Chris Tunney (aka "Chris Johnson-Tunney") an Aurora police officer, was appointed to a paid board position on the Dunham Slush Fund, which rubber stamps schemes that connect to corrupt projects in Aurora and exploit the millions left by the late John Dunham that were intended for education.

Tunney and Ziman, both reside together and personally financially benefit from their roles and relationships with the corrupt political mafia of Aurora.

Maybe that explains the Sgt. Schultz excuse by Kristen Ziman.

Corruption is a serious crime and we have a zero tolerance policy for those in law enforcement who look the other way.

Always remember:

There is NO difference between looking the other way on corruption and corruption itself. It makes no difference if money, favors, control or access is flowing from taxpayers, a campaign fund or nonprofit slush fund.

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Anonymous said...

Kristen Ziman got carried away with trying to get rich and powerful.