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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Defending Tom Weisner

Yes, you read that correctly.

We've noticed that all the punks around Aurora who never said a word for 10 years about the incompetence, corruption and failures of Tom Weisner are now throwing him under the bus since he's made the biggest non-secret official that he isn't running for mayor again.

Linda Chapa-LaVia, wife of Vern "PeeWee" LaVia, is suddenly speaking up that Tom's many development schemes have been a failure.

What she doesn't mention is that some of those foolish schemes used taxpayer funds to benefit her, PeeWee and her family members.

For example, isn't it strange that Linda didn't object to a million bucks for a pizza place that her husband PeeWee screwed up?

When she was taking taxpayer funds, she kept her mouth shut, but when she wants to run for mayor, she suddenly speaks up?

We aren't fooled.  Neither should you.

So, consider this an open warning to Pee Wee and Linda Chapa-LaVia and anyone dumb enough to support their scheme turn City Hall into a freak show.

If you think we've been tough on Tom, just wait until we shred Linda and PeeWee.

And, Tom, listen to us carefully, stop being such a wimp.  Be a man.

It's bad enough to see you dancing for dollars making a fool of yourself.

Get up, stand up, tell those Painter's Union punks like Chuck "Shorty" Anderson prancing around with PeeWee to go jump into the Fox River where they belong (we warned you they would turn on you, but you didn't listen).

Why don't you tell people what Linda's accomplishments are as state rep.

What accomplishments? Exactly.

You have a damn police palace, park and library.  And the Dunham Slush Fund.

So-called state rep Linda LaVia worked with Madigan, pushing our state off the fiscal cliff and now goes to parties with Kifowit, someone everyone knows is incompetent.  Even you, Tom, aren't that stupid.

Linda should take the five hundred small businesses she's supposedly started (and failed at) and start figuring out to make a living in the private sector since she's so bored of driving down to Springfield instead of having taxpayers subsidize her lifestyle.

We know lots of the idiots Tom has surrounded himself with over the years are ready to throw him under the bus, but if he isn't capable of standing up, then we'll do it for him.

One more thing we want to make clear.

We would rather see Tom continue as mayor to clean up the mess he's created than to see PeeWee running around as the first lady of Aurora.

Anyone who joins the PeeWee parade will need to deal with both Tom and us.

That's right folks, hell has frozen over and we're defending Tom Weisner.


Anonymous said...

DeLeon family hiring casts a long embarrassing shadow over Aurora.

City government is not some family-run operation. Last time that I checked, employees are paid by my tax dollars. As a tax payer, I am footing the bill and this government belongs to me, not to the City Hall players. I am entitled to have the best possible employees working for me, not leftovers whose best qualification is being related to or connected with Rosario DeLeon.

Just because DeLeon family members and friends have failed to make the sacrifices necessary to get the education or training required for a trade or profession, and are not qualified to get a good job in the outside world, is no justification for why they are entitled to clog up the City payroll.

Yet clog up the payroll they have. It's been classic nepotism and hiring based upon who you know, not what you know.

Anonymous said...

Openline you claim to have dirt on Tom and Linda them expose them and stop acting like a child.

Anonymous said...

In the Parks Department, Rosario's son Nick was hired by his dad as a temporary worker during the Great Recession. You remember that time period, don't you, starting in 2009, when the economy tanked and no one was hiring? When the City laid off a bunch of people?

Then in his 20's, this son hadn't gotten an education or become a tradesman so he could carve out his own career in life, as young people have done for generations.

So instead of making it on his own, he was hired at the Parks as a temporary worker after a "closed" hiring process. No job advertisement was posted anywhere. No one else was invited to compete, even though many would have wanted the position, even on a temporary basis, given the lay-offs that were taking place as the economy bottomed out. Certainly many other residents in Aurora had construction and maintenance experience and were better qualified. But no, this job was given to the son on a "temporary" basis.

Anonymous said...

But once safely and securely wrapped in the cocoon of municipal employment, his father made the position full-time. No one else from any of the City's unions was interested, so according to outdated work rules, the job was not offered to those of us in the outside world. So just like that, the son became a full-time maintenance worker.

Kinda cool to get a middle class job with nice benefits without ever having to compete for it, huh? Quite professional for the Boss to "back door" the system during the recession to benefit his son, right, taxpayers? A stolen opportunity for the rest of the community.

Anonymous said...

His other son David was a temporary worker for seven straight summers at the City. Yeah, seven years. Instead of sacrificing and getting his college degree in 4-5 so he could enter the work world, like most people do, this son took his time, always able to rely on that nice summer job, working in the Streets or Property Standards Departments, then under Rosario.

Well, this son finally finished college and got his own job, but don't think for a minute that if he hadn't, Rosario would not have hired him as a full-time City worker somewhere, anywhere, through whatever means. In fact, don't be surprised if he's back on the City payroll full-time in a year or two. Hey, it's tough out there in the work world, you know.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, there's no limit on the number of years that someone can keep returning to a summer job with the City. But seriously, isn't seven straight years excessive? We're already supporting the parents, and we're obligated to fund extended employment for their children? What's next, an executive pay plan requirement mandating that the children of City managers between the ages of 17 and 25 be guaranteed summer employment for eight straight years?

The media should really report out on how many temporary and seasonal jobs have been awarded to the kids of City workers/aldermen. The incidence is ridiculous. "Other people" deserve the opportunity to work there, don't they? Their children are probably better qualified. After all, it's our City too, isn't it? City employment is supposed to be open and accessible; not a bastion for the connected like an elite prep school.

Anonymous said...

Rosario's ex-wife Liz, after being laid off from her private sector job, was hired at the Special Events Department in 2001, through the involvement of Rosario and a few other executives.

Why all this commotion by "directors"? Because: when a "club member's" wife needs a job, everybody helps. Too bad the excitement doesn't carry over to constituent service.

This wife was hired not because she was qualified, but because the DeLeon family needed her to have a job. A great reason to hire someone's wife with my money, isn't it?

Once on the City's payroll, she was safe and sound. During the layoffs of 2009, many other employees, some of whom were struggling single mothers, had worked much harder, but they still lost their jobs or took pay cuts. Somehow, this ex-wife avoided all of that discomfort. Hmmm.....

Layoffs are again in the City's future. Do you think that this ex-wife will be spared again? .....Seriously?

To this day, hundreds of people could perform her full-time job better in the Neighborhood Redevelopment Department, but she remains protected and warm in City employment. A happy ending.

Anonymous said...

So Openline, you think you're going to ruin Linda's chances for mayor by slinging mud? Not a chance for two main reasons. First of all, how many actually know about and read this website provided they can read English at all. Secondly and most importantly, with Aurora being 90% Hispanic, you think you could persuade even 1% of them to not vote for her? Not a chance in hell.

Anonymous said...

A family friend named Giovanni was hired as an Administrative Assistant in the Property Standards Department. Having no qualifications for the position, this was another "no competition" gift from Rosario.

Eight years later, this friend is still there and a lousy employee. Ask City union workers about his performance, those who must actually depend on him and won't make excuses for lame behavior.

You'll get an unfiltered response that he's a huge embarrassment. Yet, he has been promoted to "Management Assistant," a position he now holds.

Right from the start, the job went to a useless friend of the family.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse. Rosario's ex brother-in-law works in the Street Department. His brother Reymundo, the subject of a 2013 Property Standards scandal involving favoritism at his own rental property, continues to be employed as a Quality of Life Inspector in the very same department that inspects rental housing. Unlike the rest of the work world, I guess Aurora doesn't believe in consequences for improprieties that shatter the public trust. At least transfer the guy out of that department.

There are more DeLeon relatives working for the City. To find out how many, one would need to get a straight answer from Rosario. Good luck with that, har har...the man has never been forthright about anything.

Who knows what kind of unprofessional hiring was used to get these other relatives on the City payroll? Honestly, can't these people find other places to work?

Anonymous said...

When is insider hiring going to stop and how can it happen in a City the size of Aurora?

Anonymous said...

Openline you are correct in saying Tom surrounded himself with the wrong people, but that doesn't change the fact that he was a bad mayor. Linda may bring in people who will change things. It is better to go with someone new than keep the status quo.

Anonymous said...

There is no nepotism ordinance in Aurora, the kind that has been adopted by cities and businesses across the country that take professional hiring seriously. Aurora hiring is also a feudal and secretive process, with the Personnel Department and the Mayor's Office whispering behind closed doors when making decisions to hire the connected.

The City Council is not made aware of these actions. Sometimes, no one knows people are hired until they walk in the door on Monday morning. No wonder this unprofessional and secretive process stinks, it never sees the light of day.

There are a bunch of executives receiving nice salaries to assure open hiring. There's the Chief Administrative Services Officer, the Chief Management Officer, the Human Resources Director, an entire Personnel Department, a Law Department with a couple of attorneys and several Mayoral Assistants. All of them ought to be able to smell the problem and stop it. Some of these people have received college degrees paid for by Aurora taxpayers.

Yet despite having this assembly of illustrious and well-educated geniuses, making over $1,000,000 in combined salaries and benefits, not one of them has stepped up and stopped the abuse.

It's been FAIL all the way around.

So Rosario continues to use Aurora as his base of operations for family hiring, manipulating the system with tacit approval from City Hall. Meanwhile, residents are denied equal access to employment.

Anonymous said...

Laws should be changed because if status quo ordinances allow family hiring with no competition, something's not right. A practice can be plainly legal, but plainly wrong. But everyone at City Hall is blind to actually doing something about the problem.

This issue needs to be brought to the attention of the media. I'm not talking about a local newspaper reporter who will do a frustrated story after the City responds that, gee whiz, we have no way of knowing who is related to whom during hiring. Please, spare us the dreaded party line.

Anonymous said...

People responsible and those who stood by silently when they should have spoken up really need to lose their jobs. Reforms need to be put into place that will prevent Aurora from being a place where the legacy is laughingly "all in the family." As a taxpayer, government belongs to us, not to the maneuvering insiders at City Hall.

After all, open, fair and equally accessible employment opportunity is the least we should expect from this City.

Anonymous said...

Good old "full family-friend employment" Aurora in the fine upstanding State of Illinois. No wonder voter turnout is s
90% in local elections and City employee morale is sky high. People really care here.

TheFritoBandito said...

Oh come one, a slutty Latina as Mayor will be awesome. We are all going to learn a lot. Just the other day I saw a beaner catch a carp in the river and then proceed to take his dick out and mouth fuck it. Yep, that is the type of banditos we have in this city and soon they will elect their queen.

Anonymous said...

This same director and his ex-wife had to be dragged into housing court last summer over code violations at their own rental house at 1021 Pearl St. Making $140,000 a year and his ex-wife making at least $50,000, these two City employees couldn't make repairs to their house until, when, like five years after the first citation? No preferential treatment here, huh and it's assuring to know that these are the types of individuals who have been appointed to nice positions in Aurora's government. Can you say ethically challenged? No moral compass? No concept of public responsibility? All of the above? Who knows what other shenanigans were pulled when hiring friends and family. Sounds like an investigation for Carol Marin, Charles Thomas, Pam Zekman, Mike Flannery or Andrew Shaw of the BGA.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge need for a nepotism ordinance in Aurora. One that says that no one related to any executive or elected official by blood, marriage or adoption be able to work for the City for any compensation. Now this is an ordinance that everyone but the City Hall insiders can agree on as the abuse is well known. The smart candidates for Mayor will make it part of their campaign platform. There are certainly many examples in other places, although probably not in the Chicago Area. Call it the "DeLeon Memorial Ordinance." This poor guy needs something positive thing to be remembered for, as the only people having any use for him are the Mayor's toadies.