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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Good Cops, Bad Cops and Why You Should Not Put All Police in the Same Bucket

Jon Burge tortured people from the 1970's until 1990's. However, thanks to a state's attorney named Richard M. Daley with reckless disregard for the law, Burge was not held accountable for torture. Instead, he ended up in prison for lying.

In the past week, we've learned of multiple  situations where police officers in our community of Aurora, Illinois have lied. In one case, a police officer lied to avoid admitting knowing about serious questions of corruption in our city.

A police officer lying about something simple to lying on a witness stand rips apart the critical trust  between the community and police. It's the worst thing you can do to destroy the integrity of society.

There are many good, honest and ethical police officers in our city and across the nation. In fact, we know for sure about the lies of certain police officers because other ones told us the truth.

As National Police Week approaches, we urge everyone not to blindly support or blindly hate cops but look at each person's record of integrity, standing up to wrongdoing and how they not only handle their job, but their role for earning the trust of the community.

We've watched good cops turn to the dark side, seeking personal gain and power.  We've also seen cops who made mistakes turn around and do what's right.

From Ferguson to Baltimore to Chicago to Aurora, there are very serious discussions that should include police.  Not as public vs police, but as good vs bad.  We need good police to help us eliminate and remove the bad as much as we need good public to speak up and call 911 when they see bad public doing wrong.

No good police officer is afraid of tough questions, being held to the highest standards or accountability.

If you see a police officer misleading the public, calling a 150% increase in shootings just an "uptick" or a police officer getting paid on the side to be part of an entity that facilitates corruption, those are examples of what we don't need.

Instead, there are many police officers in our community that figure out how to be honest, ethical and stand up against wrong.  Make sure those are the ones who we thank so they get the credit they deserve.

Don't put all cops in the same bucket. There are good cops and bad cops. Don't assume everyone is one or the other.

Note: OpenlineBlog is currently investigating crony cops from Aurora, Illinois, including Kristen Ziman, Chris Tunney and former cop Michael Nila.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that most cops are good. However, there are bad laws and bad departmental policies that all cops are required to enforce. Speed traps, busts for minor pot possession, stop and frisk, "broken windows" policies, military style policing, etc. Then there are unwritten codes of conduct that preclude cops from reporting one another no matter how egregious the misconduct. The police unions, FOP's, generally side with police even after they are convicted of horrible crimes. This makes all police look bad.

This particular guy is an absolute piece of trash. He's an embarrassment to the badge, but unfortunately he didn't act alone. There were other participants. He ran a torture chamber in a precinct house. The DA at the time was Richard M. Daley who absolutely must have known about the coerced confessions.

-Mark Wells