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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meet Queen Kristen Ziman of Aurora

Kristen Ziman is Queen of Aurora.

She sits atop the $162 million Aurora Police Palace, built with corruption, ripping off commoners for many millions.

As second-in-command at the Aurora Police Department, she carries immense power and she uses it for the gain of herself and her family.

How did Kristen Ziman become Queen?  How did she rise through the ranks of the APD so fast, bypassing others with more experience and competence?

We've been asking that question since we realized Queen Kristen was on the side of the royalty, cronies and corrupt instead of standing up to wrong.

Most importantly, we've heard from those who serve under her rule at the APD.  They have shared insight and details that reveal a far different person that what Queen Kristen portrays for herself.

Her spouse, Chris Tunney, is a not-so-bright detective for the APD, mysterious not in the midst of facing street crime in real-time like other "warriors" as Queen Kristen likes to call it.

Between the two of them, they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year at the expense of commoners, not including their lifelong pensions you will pay at compounding rates forever.

But, that's not enough for a Queen.

In order to rise to power and gain wealth in a city full of corruption, one must cooperate and befriend the corrupt.

Queen Kristen and Chris Tunney have done exactly that.

Their close relationship with cronies from Michael Nila, another former cop to partying with Vicki Morcos, a key player in the corruption schemes of Aurora, have paid off.

Tunney, without any experience or competence, was appointed to a paid position with the Dunham Fund, a nonprofit slush fund controlled by the true corruption king of Aurora, Robert "Bob" Vaughan.

As Queen Kristen and Tunney personally gain financially from the schemes and close association with the corrupt of Aurora, they also look the other way on corruption and threats against those who speak out.

And, even worse for the commoners, as crime skyrockets across the city with massive increases, she declared to commoners "let's be gladiators" ordering them to fight among themselves.

Queen Kristen has knowingly misled the city with propaganda and false information, even blaming commoners for speaking amongst each other and calling their fear for safety and the crisis that surrounds them as crime as just an "uptick."

She lies.

We've seen it over and over again.

It's difficult even for us since we once believed her.

We were very wrong and we are sorry for our grave mistake to trust Queen Kristen.

She neither deserves a badge of honor nor a crown over her head as she sits at the palace, boasting about drinking wine and her luxury life.

We realize it's hard to accept for some Queen Kristen is not worthy of anyone's trust.

She is good at surrounding herself with finery...and the flowery praise of those who worship power over principles.

Like all who choose vanity and who's who instead of what's right, there will be consequences for Queen Kristen.

Every day, we hear from those who don't fall for the schemes and we know the sacrifices the commoners and true guardians of our city endure despite leaders and liars who enrich themselves.

However, what will see when the finery is stripped away from Queen Kristen and all that is left is what truth lays bare?

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

This same director and his ex-wife had to be dragged into housing court last summer over code violations at their own rental house at 1021 Pearl St. Making $140,000 a year and his ex-wife making at least $50,000, these two City employees couldn't make repairs to their house until, when, like five years after the first citation? No preferential treatment here, huh? It's so assuring to know that these are the types of people who have been appointed to nice positions in Aurora's government. Can you say ethically challenged? No moral compass? No concept of public responsibility? All of the above? Who knows what other shenanigans were pulled when hiring friends and family. Sounds like an investigation for Carol Marin, Charles Thomas, Pam Zekman, Mike Flannery or Andrew Shaw of the BGA.

Anonymous said...

Aurora is badly in need of a nepotism ordinance prohibiting people related to elected officials and executives from being hired at the City. The candidates for Mayor should make it a campaign issue. That'll tell us who's serious about "good government." Call it the "DeLeon Memorial Ordinance." The poor guy needs to be remembered for something positive as the only people having any use for him are the City Hall toadies.