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Monday, May 04, 2015

Memo to Suburban Mayors of Chicago: We've Got a $20 Million Gift for You

Recently, suburban mayors, including Aurora's corrupt mayor Tom Weisner, got together for a publicity stunt to complain about proposed budget cuts by Gov. Rauner because the state is, well...broke.

We felt bad for those mayors. Partly because they had to stand with a corrupt mayor like Tom Weisner and some of them may need the money, so we are giving them a $20 million gift.

Here's what we told Downers Grove Mayor Tully and other suburban mayors:

Hi Mayor Tully and everyone else,

We want to give you $20 million.  No, we aren't kidding.

See, some of you participated in a recent publicity stunt as part of the propaganda "ProtectMyTown" campaign.

We understand why many municipalities are upset over proposed budget cuts by Gov. Rauner.

Some cities are affected more than others, but the reality is the state is broke and on a fiscal cliff thanks to decades of political mafia rule by Madigan, Daley, Blago, Quinn, Cullerton, etc.

Thankfully Gov. Rauner is dealing with the crisis instead of kicking the can yet again. Imagine if that goofball Quinn were still governor (sorry, we shouldn't call him a goofball even if he is a goofball).

Our problem isn't that you want money for your particular community. It's just that some of you stood with corrupt mayor Tom Weisner from Aurora and let him lie about the potential impact on Aurora and threaten cuts in police and fire if the city doesn't get an extra $9.8 million to spend.

The reality is Aurora has lots of money, so much in fact, that is has been able to build a $160 million police palace, $22 million park and an upcoming new $40 million new library.  It dumped $10 million into a failed development called Shodeen.

Heck, it even tried to waste a million bucks on putting a pizza place in downtown Aurora in a property owned by State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia (that failed, too).

The list goes on. All of these projects involve corruption or contracts rewarding campaign contributors or cronies of Tom Weisner, that slob of a guy you stood with at the publicity stunt.

Aurora doesn't need more money from the state. The city's property taxes are already second to none.

But wait, it gets worse.

While your community may not have corruption and you actually have legitimate needs to spend valuable state taxdollars, Aurora has been taking some of your money and stuffing into the pockets of Tom Weisner's friends.

For example, to help re-elect Quinn, Aurora got a special $11 million state grant for that corrupt library under construction.

Here's what the library looks like (ironically, it looks like a jail).

So, if you REALLY want more funds for your community, we suggest a different press conference.

Demand that Gov Rauner cut another $11 million to Aurora that went to fund corruption by Quinn PLUS the $9.8 million being cut from Aurora, so all of your communities can share from that extra $20 million and teach corrupt mayor Tom Weisner a lesson that it's not right to steal taxdollars from the legitimate use of good communities like yours.

That's right, we are giving you a $20 million gift and help make sure Gov Rauner gives your communities that extra money as long as you demonstrate the courage to stand up to corruption by Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

Your choice, make sure it's the one that helps your taxpayers, not someone who should join Rod Blagojevich in prison.

One more future, don't be in a photo-op with Tom Weisner unless you want to be forever associated with corruption.


Anonymous said...

I live in Downers Grove and part of a large homeowners association. I'm sending this to everyone i know. If Mayor Tully was dumb enough to stand with Tom Weisner, he should be smart enough to take this gift.

Anonymous said...

Rauner should cut 100% of funding to Aurora and force voters to realize how stupid they are for letting a corrupt mayor exist.