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Friday, May 08, 2015

Will Mayor Tom Weisner Turn Aurora Into Marijuanaville?

It's not a big secret that Aurora's corrupt mayor Tom Weisner is a big fan of pot, weed, marijuana and hallucinations in general.  He's even protested holding signs "FAKE POT KILLS" because he apparently prefers the real thing.

It helps explain his bizzare behavior at times. Otherwise, if his weird conduct without any influence, that would even be more scary than it already is (trust us, we've seen him up close when he's acting weird and it ain't something we wish on anyone).

We realize marijuana is ILLEGAL, but luckily for Tom Weisner, there's all this rage about "medical marijuana" and he's gone to great extremes to bring it to Aurora.

He's worked closely to locate a marijuana farm near Stonebridge Country Club and Metea Valley High School against the wishes of residents, community leaders and Alderman Lynne Johnson.

Turns out the entity that wants to locate there is represented by Jerome Schain, who "coincidentally" has dumped thousands into Tom Weisner's pockets and even got city business from it for his law firm.

Schain is one of the many "coincidental" situations in Aurora, a city second to none for corruption.

Unfortunately, the Aurora Police Department brass, including former Chief Bill Powell, current Chief Greg Thomas, red light czar Joe Broom, crony cop Kristen Ziman, crony cop Chris Tunney, former crony cop Michael Nila and more have all looked the other way on this possible violation of law by the mayor as well as other issues even more serious.

The rank-n-file members of the Aurora Police Department don't think Weisner's disrespect of them and the law is funny.  They've made it clear they would love to give the mayor a ride in one of the city's police vans sometime.

In the meantime, Tom Weisner wants to turn Aurora into Marijuanaville.  And, he's getting his pockets stuffed with cash to buy whatever he wants.

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