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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winter Is Coming to Aurora, Illinois

Since 2005, the citizens of Aurora, Illinois have been exploited with corruption, crime, taxes, wild spending, debt and harm to real people by political mafia kings, kingplayers, queens, counselors, cronies and commanders.

While mad kings and bad queens want to take their place, people will soon have a chance to take back their land and watch as those who did wrong to them are held accountable.

Winter is coming...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

2005 to now has been a barren period in this city, winter is not coming, it has been here for years.

AuroraSucksWrites said...

What nonsense is this...??? Is Openline smokin' some of that medical marijuana of Oberweis'?

The citizens of this city are not engaged. The voters in the two most voting wards in the city allowed allowed Mayoral pets to get elected rather than putting in an independent.

Two years ago, the citizen's of Aurora allowed the clown prince of incompetence Bob O'Connor to slaughter Rick Lawrence in an election.

And flexing their might, those who control this city rammed a massive bond issue through for District 129 that they originally never thought stood a chance of passing. And along with it, they managed to get elected a Chia-Pet as Alderman.

This city is done for. Quit fantasizing otherwise. Look at the flight on the west side in the once desirable Downer and Garfield after house for sale, wonder why? Those who can leave are leaving.

Aurora is done for. The city has a 3rd world Latino trash majority now. They have infected district 129, test scores are heading down and all the all day long womb to grade 12 social problems will just bleed the taxpayer's dry with no meaningful impact on the problems. Expect to see even more flight of the younger wealthy and mobile. You won;t see many 60 year olds with high net worths retiring here like the use to and they certainly told their kids not to raise families here.

Aurora will grow browner and browner and the only people left with 2 dimes to rub together will be those who feast on the taxpayers and benefit from the poverty they deliberately imported.

Anonymous said...

A lot of truth here, except the citizens of Aurora didn't "allow" O'Connor to slaughter Lawrence, the citizens made their choice. So O'Connor didn't slaughter Lawrence, the citizens did. The citizens who showed up and voted, and by default all those citizens who failed their civic duty and so have no right to complain about the outcome. And let's also not forget to credit Lawrence for his part of getting slaughtered. He really didn't even try to win. I wouldn't be surprised if HE voted for O'Connor.

stuck in hell said...

Lawrence was taken out of the race by threats to his family. Not physical ones but of another sort. The writer has it correct though, as head of the Finance committee you can lay most of the city's fiscal problem at O'Connor's feet.

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawrence is the author of the first comment. He definitely is the defender of white power. However where was he when Dave a Stover was Mayor. Aurora died under Stovers reign. He hired all of his old cronies from the police department. They stuck around for 8 years and did absolutely nothing except give out huge employee raises. Weisner has done as well as can expected like many elected officials that inherited as mess left by the so called trickle down economic right wing nuts. They stayed 8 yrs so that they were vested and could double dip on the pension system. Supposedly crime was going to be reduced with the ex chief at the helm and it was the complete opposite. There were many more murders and violence under Stover but the majority was east of the river. Well you bigots listen up; the chicken has come home to roost. Shooting at west plaza, how does it feel. That's what happens when you bury your head and say it's an east side problem for all those years. White Power!

ObamaIsANigger said...

Shooting at west plaza, how does it feel. That's what happens when you bury your head and say it's an east side problem for all those years.

As long as it is niggers and beaners who are shot who gives a flying fuck?

Anonymous said...

Your wife and daughter do.

ObamaIsANigger said...

I don't have any., they were raped and killed by the niggers.

Anonymous said...

Stover was a piece of shit and like all retired pubic servants I hope and pray he dies each day, so we can get out of paying this pension and healthcare. Just because Stover was a piece of shit does not mean Weisner is not a bigger piece of shit. Double dipping with the Illinois Tollway Commission. There is some good news though, more than one person thinks his cancer may have come back so we may yet be rid of him.