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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Aurora's Previous Rapid Population Growth Flatlines While Naperville Grows Faster, Stronger

As Aurora's previous rapid growth flatlines to an "uptick" of 1.16% since 2010, Naperville growth was more than double at 2.7% during same period. Aurora's estimated 200,000 population is second highest in Illinois, which means there are no big cities in Illinois except Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Check out this tip Weisner, Bob Vaughn and the East Aurora School district are paying John Cordigan $60,000 to manage the repayment of the Phillips Park Tennis courts. This is a joint wink, wink project between the three

Anonymous said...

DeLeon family hiring casts a long embarrassing shadow over Aurora.

City government is not some family-run operation. Last time that I checked, employees are paid by my tax dollars. As a tax payer, I am footing the bill and this government belongs to me, not to the City Hall players. I am entitled to have the best possible employees working for me, not leftovers whose best qualification is being related to or connected with Rosario DeLeon.

Just because DeLeon family members and friends have failed to make the sacrifices necessary to get the education or training required for a trade or profession, and are not qualified to get a good job in the outside world, is no justification for why they are entitled to clog up the City payroll.

Yet clog up the payroll they have. It's been classic nepotism and hiring based upon who you know, not what you know.

Mr_reality said...

Let me see, a clean, upper scale majority white city vs a city infested with Mexican cockroaches with an illegal alien, a spic, two niggers on the city council and a piece of latrino trash running for mayor. I cannot imagine what community decent people would rather live in.

People with means are bailing on Aurora, the growth is lower income,even the fags and lesbos that were starting to inhabit the west side are starting to move out.

tim swansion said...

Here is all you need to know, this is from the last census, I bet the numbers are a a lot worse now:

Hispanic - 90,100 (44.3%)
White alone - 77,437 (38.1%)
Black alone - 17,742 (8.7%)

Anonymous said...

6/10 12:23

Comes as no surprise. City second to none is number one when it comes to corruption.