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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Dear Governor Rauner, Stop Madigan and Cullerton...Save Illinois

After decades of fiscal irresponsibility, we support Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner taking aggressive steps to stop Michael Madigan, John Cullerton and their cronies from taking taxpayers further over the cliff.

We urge halting ALL spending that is not deemed essential for health, public safety and infrastructure. Layoff non-essential employees. Stop all grants and schemes.

Only after serious reforms are made to how business is done in this state, selectively build programs that attach accountability and outcomes that can be verified.

Save Illinois.

1 comment:

the malignant tumor known as weinser said...

If you want to do something useful why don;t you raise a few bucks and start a campaign to get Aurorans to elect only people who have not worked in government previously and then elect them to only 1 term. That will save pension and healthcare payments as well as shed light on the rich union negotiated contracts that the managers and city council benefit from.