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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Did Aurora Police Brass Interfere on Incident Involving Aurora University President Rebecca Sherrick?

As part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of widespread misconduct by Aurora Police Brass, including Crony Cop Kristen Ziman, we learned of a chain-reaction of issues involving Aurora University, Aurora Police and corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's office which began over an incident with Aurora University President Rebecca Sherrick.

The incident happened over an argument over a pit bull.  The complainant says Dr. Sherrick entered their home and engaged in disorderly conduct, refusing to leave when first requested.

Aside from what actually happened, if Rebecca Sherrick acted properly or improperly, we learned from sources that Aurora Police Brass (those who sit atop the police palace as chief and/or commanders) allegedly got involved with the mayor's office.

Some wanted to make it go away and disappear.  Others wanted to make it an issue because of other disputes with the AU President.

Kristen Ziman, the crony commander at the APD, who is under investigation for other allegations of wrongdoing, dishonesty and unprofessional conduct, would not explain what role she or anyone at the APD brass had in closing the case.

After all, Kristen Ziman, is close to Aurora University and has made propaganda videos for the school and shares other relationships with AU.

We already know Kristen Ziman chooses to ignore certain crime based upon who's who over what's right.

We do note corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner has a love/hate relationship with Aurora University and Dr. Sherrick.  More on that part of the story later.

In the meantime, we've decided to publish the police report in full so anyone can draw their own conclusions as to what should or should not have happened as a result:


Anonymous said...

Why are you printing this? Are you trying to embarrass someone?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the good Dr. doesn't take the same approach when college students park over sidewalks, store trash cans in front yards, park on lawns and bring the sofa out on the front porch. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Sherrick is Gay everyone knows that. Not Weisner, but Ziman protecting one of her own. Zimans girl pal has a paid position with The Dunham funds and everyone knows of the cozy relationship with AU

Anonymous said...

Her misplaced priorities are really out there hanging. AU student housing has ruined most of the southwest side with people leaving the area like it's an old nuclear waste dump.

Anonymous said...

8:45 anyone who's read the entire police report knows the answer to your question is yes. The police report CLEARLY shows this incident was handled appropriately and to the satisfaction of both parties. The police suggested quite appropriately that it's best for the neighbors to work it out if they can. Sherrick apologized. The other party was satisfied with that and didn't press any charges. Openline's "interns" clearly want to stir things up when not needed. Hey, maybe it's Obamacare's fault!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully professional behavior by the president of a University, though. Classic. I guess you can kiss that endowment from the pit bull rescue society goodbye.

affie said...

I jut read the report as posted by openline. All I can say is it is more than obvious what these two women need.