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Friday, July 10, 2015

Extremist Illinois State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia Wants To Be Mayor of Aurora and Doesn't Want You to Watch This

So-called State Linda Chapa-LaVia has accomplished nothing in Springfield during her tenure, except maybe a few things.

1.  Being a reliable rubber stamp for Michael Madigan's dictatorship and helping to steer Illinois off a fiscal cliff.

2.  Showing that if you hug enough people and say nothing substantive for years, you can keep getting elected by ignorant voters.

3.  Pretending to be an expert on public education while she sends her kids to private school.

4.  Proving that racism and ignorance isn't based upon political party or gender.

And, now she wants to be Mayor of Aurora.

Will those who oppose racism look the other way or stand up?


Anonymous said...

So Rosario's retiring before he's launched by LCLV. City taxpayers should rejoice that this waste of a salary is departing.
Until he leaves, it would be wildly entertaining if this guy was finally forced to do some work.
So give him gloves, a saw, shears and a hard hat. Personnel Department, assign him safety glasses and a vest with a City uniform. Put him on a tree crew. Under his dead-assed leadership, the number of deceased and overgrown parkway trees in this town is obscene.
So here's his chance for redemption. Give him a quota of 1,000 trees needing trimming or removal, which easily grace the DuPage (there are 500 are in Ward 8 alone), Will and Sugar Grove areas of the City. He gets no fat final pay check until tree trimming and removal are completed by his crew.
Until retiring, work rules will be:
no more breakfasts and long lunches at taxpayer expense
no more reporting to work at 9:00 am each day
no 35 hour (at best) work weeks
no early weekend and end of the day departures
no gossiping with other City Hall toadies (who may be launched)
no ghost disappearances for three hours in the middle of the work day to attend to personal and family business.
Turn in that fancy City cell phone tomorrow. He never answered it or used it for accountable business anyway, just addressing his varied personal life. Same with the City's computer and public complaint systems. Check out the use of his City's iPhone and equipment as he's set a City record for unreturned phone calls, ignored e-mails and unresolved complaints from the tax paying public. He leaves a legacy of failure to perform the people's business; never accountable, available or responsive.

Anonymous said...

Yep, one big embarrassment as a City employee at any level. Lots of people both inside and outside of City employment would laugh their asses off to be able to see him as part of a work unit, even if only for the last six months of his career.
To whom much is given, much is expected never had a more hollow return than with this guy.
Here's a related request for some of our finest Chiefs and Directors at the City. Can you keep Rosario from hiring any more of his relatives and friends before he leaves? I know it's a big ask for you lamo's, given the fact that full family and friendship employment have been Rosario's greatest accomplishmeets, but we're counting on you...sort of.

Anonymous said...

Pam Zekman ought to come out here and investigate friend and family hiring in Aurora.