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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Illegal Residents from Mexico, Donald Trump and Why Aurora Police Crony Cop Kristen Ziman Doesn't Believe Illegal Means Illegal

Donald Trump made news recently for comments about illegal residents coming to the United States from Mexico.

Our studios are located in Aurora, Illinois, second to none for corruption, high taxes, wild spending, skyrocketing debt, fiscal incompetence and rotten leadership.

However, before Aurora went down the path of a fiscal cliff, it was also known since the 1970's as one of the primary destinations for Mexicans, both legal and illegal residents.

As a result, the "official" population of the second largest city in Illinois is approximately 40% Hispanic.  Some believe that number is actually much higher.

Aurora's other claim to fame over the years has been a chronic crime problem that increased due to gangs and drugs.  It's easy to forget that Aurora's crime problems over the years and the flow of drugs from Mexico have been related (although not the only factor).

We know from cops on the street that deal with crime that these are real, active issues and problems related to illegal immigration, drugs and gangs are related.

As one police officer on the street noted, "we aren't talking about the family or individual trying to earn a living to feed his family, we are talking about people who don't give a #@$# about the law and will kill if necessary."

So, as this issue of illegal immigration takes the stage again, we thought we would check with our favorite incompetent police leader, the crony cop of Aurora, so-called Commander Kristen Ziman, who is building quite a track record for bad policing.

In this case, at least we know she would be against something ILLEGAL, right?

Wrong.  Turns out she believes illegal immigration or whatever you want to call it should just be left alone.

That's right.  Kristen Ziman, the Queen of the APD, who sits atop the $163 million police palace, built with corruption to benefit her buddies, doesn't give a damn about the law she took an oath to enforce.

When we first learned this, we thought "surely, there must be a mistake...even Kristen Ziman can't be THIS stupid."

Well, she is that stupid.

But, gets worse.

To defend her stupidity, she says the real problem with crime in Aurora isn't illegal immigration.

It's black people.

Yup, Kristen Ziman, poster girl for white cops drinking expensive glasses of wine and wearing an Apple Watch in her luxury home, says black people cause most crime.

So, good news Aurora, there's no illegal immigration problem after all.  Nothing illegal about illegal.

Instead, we might have a racism problem atop the police palace.

Note:  We've asked State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia, who claims to be Hispanic and can't speak Spanish for comment, but have not heard back yet.

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