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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan and Mushroom State Reps Like Linda Chapa-LaVia, Stephanie Kifowit and Lou Lang...Please Stop Being Extremists

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune:

“… All of this nonsense could end if Madigan would soften his curious position that it's improper to horse trade budget issues with what he considers nonbudget issues. It's a silly argument.

For one, most of what Gov. Bruce Rauner wants is budget-related. Freezing property taxes, enacting stricter workers' compensation laws and limiting out-of-control civil legal judgments are economic issues that would make Illinois more business-friendly, more taxpayer-friendly, thereby growing the state's economy. Those changes would encourage businesses to come here and discourage taxpayers from leaving. As it stands, Illinois isn't even in the game of competing for jobs and economic growth…

Illinois is losing residents every day to states like Texas and Florida and Arizona — and it's not just because of the weather. It's also due to the complete government dysfunction on display here right now. It's a clown car. Madigan could curb it.

Rauner asked for a vote — just a vote — on term limits and a more fair way to draw legislative maps. Are those budget issues? Not directly. But they are overwhelmingly popular among the very voters who are uprooting because they say they are tired of feeling like hostages in an unbending regime. The engaged, educated, thoughtful voters who have the resources to move away are the ones leaving…

But Speaker Madigan's holding a principled position on the rules of horse trading — what's allowed and what isn't — is pretty comical. He horse trades on everything…

Budget deals during his 30-plus years in Springfield have included property tax caps, sports stadiums, expanding the Chicago Park District board, business incentives, ethics reforms. One of his members held up the entire budget process in 2007 because Madigan wanted to drag utility companies to the table for cheaper electricity. It worked.

So it is disingenuous for Madigan to suddenly take a purist position that somehow it's improper to link broad economic reforms with the state's annual spending plan. The final budget, for decades, is arrived at through a chaotic, kitchen-sink, last-minute, herculean horse trade that involves lawmakers, special interest groups, lobbyists, Chicago's mayor...

Yet the newly elected governor isn't supposed to be at the table with his "asks"?

Come on, Mr. Speaker. Give a little. It isn't Rauner who's being "extreme." It's you.

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