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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman's Epic Fail; Shootings During 2015 Surpass All of 2014 Levels

Remember when Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman (aka "Kristen Kjendal") said in April the massive increase in shootings was just an UPTICK?

Turns out the incompetent police leader not only lied during community forums and misled the public about the reality of the crime spree, but unfortunately for her, the data has proven her wrong.

Shootings across Aurora in 2015 have already surpassed ALL of 2014 with more months yet to add to the crime pile.

Doesn't sound like an "uptick" to us.  And, shootings are only a fraction of the overall crime crisis in Aurora that include murders, burglaries and robbery.  Maybe Kristen doesn't know about all this because she sits atop the palace.

In fact, Kristen Ziman and corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner even boasted earlier this year that "crime is down" by twisting stats to compare to a decade ago.

But, now we learn that crime levels are actually way, way, WAY up, heading to all-time levels.


This is at the same time most violent crime IS down across the nation.

Let's put that in crime decreases across the nation, it's going UP in Aurora.

Maybe instead of police bonuses, it's time to dock the pay of the mayor and the incompetent police brass that spend more time on red light camera schemes, fancy conference rooms and a half-million dollar tank to play with.

Wouldn't be the first time the mayor has had his salary docked for screwing the taxpayer.  Ask former Mayor David Stover who had to dock Tom Weisner's salary for skipping work to campaign for mayor.

In an effort to combat the public from asking hard questions, Kristen, the police brass and the mayor put on a series of crime propaganda forums in April, full of misleading and false information.

When asked what the plan was for addressing the "uptick" in crime, Kristen had two parts to her crime-fighting plan:

1.  Let's be gladiators.
2.  Call 911 if you see a crime.

Kristen Ziman's Plan:

In other words, there is no plan.  And, that shouldn't surprise anyone given the lack of competence by the current police misleaders playing politics with a corrupt mayor.

No plan, just hope and pray you don't get shot.

Let's be clear, you have a much higher chance of getting shot (about 1 for every 1,000 residents in Aurora) than you have of almost anything.

Meanwhile, what has Kristen been doing since April other than her fantasy-soaked wine drinking binges where she plans to be chief?

Well, if you think she's been on the streets working to patrol crime-ridden areas, that's not the case.  She hasn't put worked real crime patrol or put herself at risk in YEARS.

Kristen's place is at the $163 million Aurora Police Palace, where she manipulates issues, lies and spins excuses for her legendary incompetence and lack of a plan.

Oh wait, we almost forgot...she does one other thing (aside from drinking lots of wine).  She works very hard on her side business with former crony cop Michael Nila on a training scheme to exploit taxpayers at police departments across the nation.

In any other city, working a side business while being "commander" of the police department might be a problem.  Might even be a crime.

But, this is Aurora...where we look the other way on most crime and why crime is second to none.

Maybe it's time for Kristen to focus exclusively on her side business since she lacks the integrity, competence and courage to be a leader in law enforcement.

It's time for the Queen to stop using the police palace as a pedestal and marketing platform for her personal gain.

We urge Kristen to have enough respect the community and resign.

It's time for serious, ethical and competent leadership, solutions and real plans to solve this crisis and not wait for another person to get shot.

-Click here to learn more about Queen Kristen Ziman of Aurora (aka "Kristen Kjendal" an alias she uses to hide from the public)

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bassethound said...

So since the pigs got a bonus for no killings the other year will they now get a paycut?