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Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Time for Queen Kristen Ziman to Get Off Her Lazy Ass and Work for Taxpayers or Resign

Kristen Kjendal (alias "Kristen Ziman"), congrats on shootings increasing past 2014 levels despite your failed propaganda forums or so-called plan.

Maybe if you got off your lazy ass and started earning your $165,000 salary and benefits, not including the money you make from Blue Cowards scamming taxpayers across the nation, the corruption of the Dunham Fund with the ethically-void Chris Tunney or the luxury pension you will squeeze out of the next generation, you should start working for a change to address the crime epedimic in our city instead of stupid, incompetent statements like "let's be gladiators!" or just "call 911" or our favorite explanation for the crime epidemic "it's just an UPTICK."

We know it's been years since you have put yourself at any risk and sacrificed for taxpayers so maybe it's time for Queen Kristen to step down from the palace and work for a living.

If not, set an example for your kids if not the public and have the integrity to resign and let someone else do the job.


Anonymous said...

Did she get her job by sleeping with Weisner? Everyone knows that you have to pay one way or another with his administration.

Anonymous said...

She is as qualified to do the job as me.