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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Super Bowl Champ Kurt Becker Confirms He May Run for Mayor of Aurora

What's the best way to block and tackle the old guard of Aurora that has exploited taxpayers and turned the immense potential of the second-largest city in Illinois into a second-rate suburb that can't even compete with its adjacent neighbors?

Kurt Becker, former offensive lineman of the Chicago Bears and current head coach for East Aurora High School, is exploring a run for Mayor of Aurora.

"There is interest in me running" and "I am humbled" said Becker, also confirming there is an exploratory committee being formed.

After graduating from East Aurora, Becker went on to be an All-American at the University of Michigan and played nine years with the Chicago Bears, including being part of the 1985 Super Bowl Champions.

Becker later became owner of a music and vending company while continuing to be involved with programs for youth and football.

"He is very popular with name ID and many people want the next mayor to a bold change from the career politician we've had the last decade or another politician looking to move from Springfield to pad her pension and salary" said a resident who told us why he supports Becker.

Since 2005, Tom Weisner has been mayor and responsible for high taxes, skyrocketing debt, rewarding campaign contributors with contracts and reverse economic development for the east side.

State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia, who has been a loyal supporter of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and his policies that have created a fiscal crisis, has previously said she would run.

Sources confirm Chapa-LaVia has been making several backroom deals at the direction of union bosses like Chuck "Shorty" Anderson with current Weisner cronies at City Hall.

The election for mayor is in 2017.


Anonymous said...

With Chapa LaVia, who's out and who's in at City Hall? Who's going to be on her staff?

Anonymous said...

So who would be working on the inside of Becker's administration?

Anonymous said...

Name the three biggest issues to be confronted by the Mayor and his administration.

ocelot said...

This is why Aurora is a cesspool. A piece of Latrina-Trash who has exploited the taxpayers how many times and now a football jock are considered serious candidates? Oh and I hear that littel nigger Irvin is going to run for judge. Sheesh