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Monday, August 24, 2015

We Asked Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner About Redflex and Red Light Camera Schemes...Now You Should, Too


We are glad to hear the City of Aurora is finally pulling the plug on the corrupt Redflex vendor, although disappointed to hear you didn't learn the lesson and intend to continue the red light scheme with a new vendor (the same guys you threw out because they apparently didn't pay the right people).

Leaving aside that many cities across America are terminating red light camera schemes while you want to continue to exploit taxpayers in the name of "safety" while increasing rear-end collision risk, we simply want to clarify for the record when you and Carie Anne Ergo became aware Redflex may be involved with corruption.

Was it...

A. Before the contract with the City of Aurora?

B. Approximately (enter month/year)?

C. Today?

D. No concern of corruption with Redflex, just like no concern of corruption with Cordogan Clark, Wegman, Bob Vaughan or the long list of your cronies that "coincidentally" resemble corruption.

Obviously, you must understand our concern when a vendor like Redflex has been involved in corruption in many cities, bribing officials and was even thrown out of Chicago, yet not a single concern by you of corruption involving Aurora, most corrupt suburb in Illinois (second to none!) since 2005.

It would certainly be odd if corruption is embedded across this city but not with Redflex. Good thing we already know when you knew about the corruption but for the benefit of the city council members copied and the regional media who will see this, we can't wait to hear your explanation to them, the public and media.

We look forward to your response. Remember, we (and many others) also want to know when Carie knew.

We never forget.


P. S. Chuck "Shorty" Anderson says hi.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FBI told me all they need is one person to come forward. They already know the set up. They just need to build a case. Sho-Deen, you guys slipping?