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Monday, August 24, 2015

When Did Aurora Crony Cops Kristen Ziman, Joe Groom, Chief Greg Thomas and Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner Know About Redflex Corruption?

Aurora City Council and taxpayers should demand the so-called public officials who forced the red light scheme into Aurora to each explain exactly when they realized Redflex was involved in corruption and what they did about it.

Did Redflex bribe officials in so many cities but mysteriously leave out Aurora, the most corrupt suburb in Illinois (second to none) at the same time those same public officials were building a $162 million police palace full of corrupt contracts that enriched cronies for millions?

It's time for Aurora to reject these misleaders and instead follow the lead of many cities to immediately end red light cameras and stop more rear-end corruption and collisions.

We do find it ironic a public safety scam for red light cameras continues to lead so many public officials to prison. Who's got next?

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