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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bad Cop Kristen Ziman Exploits Death of Fox Lake Cop Joe Gliniewicz While 23 Year Old Shot in Head in Aurora

If it isn't bad enough any human being is killed, let alone if it is a good cop killed, we see disturbing conduct by certain bad cops like so-called "commander" Kristen Ziman of the APD to exploit the death of Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.

We don't know the full story of his life but from what we can tell, there's some key differences between him and a bad cop such as Kristen Ziman:

- he and his "partner" we're not involved personally getting rich from the corrupt of the community and looking the other way on serious Kristen Ziman.

- he wasn't irresponsible, getting drunk and promoting drinking wine in Kristen Ziman.

- he wasn't lying and misleading to the public about crime stats, upticks and red light Kristen Ziman.

- he want sitting atop a corruptly built police palace while letting real cops work the Kristen Ziman.

Bad cop Kristen Ziman was quick to jump at the chance to exploit the death of Joe Gliniewicz to use it as an opportunity to say the "silent majority" should speak up to support the "noble profession" of cops.

With a couple exceptions, most professions are noble so not sure what makes cops more or less noble than others but while the silent majority clearly opposes innocent people being killed, whether it's a good police officer or someone being killed by a police officer, every person's life has value.

On Saturday, a 23 year old young man was shot in the head on Aurora's near west side.

Bad cop Kristen Ziman didn't react by saying the silent majority should rise to speak out against the epidemic of violence, shootings and crime in Aurora while incompetent police brass like Kristen Ziman sits atop a $163 million police palace built with corruption that stuffed pockets of friends Kristen Ziman.

In fact, bad cop Kristen Ziman says there is no problem at all. These shootings are part of just an "uptick."

Strange, why didn't she say that about the death of Joe Gliniewicz? After all, if we want to get into stats, death of cops, good or bad, in recent years is overall down across the nation.

The truth is that for a bad cop like Kristen Ziman, it's much easier to exploit the death of a good cop Joe Gliniewicz than to confront her failure to protect the 23 year old who was shot in the head or the lies she spoke to the public or the $165,000 she takes from taxpayers sitting atop the palace while real cops work the streets and take actual risk.

We won't even get into how her "partner" Chris Tunney was put into an investigative role to protect her from the risk of working the streets of Aurora.

We and the rest of the silent majority are deeply troubled to see anyone die. 

Watching Kristen Ziman exploit one death and demanding everyone rise while not taking responsibility for another she calls just an "uptick" is why the silent majority must not act like a herd on any issue but rather take the time to evaluate each person and each situation.

Kristen Ziman is no Joe Gliniewicz, not even close and never will have his courage.  Instead, she had her bottle of wine, relaxing weekend on her life of luxury and will continue to shoot her big mouth off while he and a 23 year old are dead.

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