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Friday, October 09, 2015

Why Kristen Ziman of the Aurora Police is Danger to Taxpayers and Going to Hell

As many of our viewers know well, Aurora has become to second to none for corruption in Illinois, a state with the worst reputation for corruption.

That distinction is no easy feat. It requires consistent exploitation of taxpayers, contracts and an ongoing to scheme to benefit cronies and the political mafia of Aurora.

While Mayor Tom Weisner gets much of the credit for making Aurora a cesspool of corruption and deserves a prison sentence longer than Blago, the truth is he is only part of a much wider problem and isn't even the worst offender.

That honor goes to Robert Vaughan, executive director of the nonprofit Dunham Slush Fund, who orchestrates and is involved with many of the schemes that have have ripped off taxpayers for millions.

In a city where crime is so high, a $163 million police palace was "needed." Of course, the police palace itself was designed, built, furnished, landscaped with corrupt contracts to reward cronies.

When a police palace is built with a corruption, that makes Aurora a special kind of corrupt city.

While corruption has spread across many projects, including the new library, the police palace is particularly stunning because, well, there are supposedly police leaders part of the process, who theoretically should be stopping the corruption.

Remember, corruption is a serious crime. Even in Illinois.

So, how did this happen?

There are three explanations.

1. Ignorance/Incompetence

2. Intentionally Looking the Other Way

3. Personal Benefit

We want to focus on the worst of those, the personal benefit.

So-called commanded Kristen Ziman and her "partner" Chris Tunney have personally benefitted.

Not coincidentally, they have looked the other way as their close friends are key members of the corrupt political mafia that has exploited our city.

In the case of Chris Tunney, it's pretty simple.

We have yet to find a single Aurora Police Officer who can explain what she does, how she got "elevated" to detective. She has no history of expertise in any particular subject yet was magically named to be on the board of the Dunham Slush Fund, a paid position that would enrich her and her household, including Kristen Ziman.

However, we also know Chris Tunney isn't bright enough to come up with a strategy on her own to get herself into such positions and personal benefit.

She isn't like Kristen Ziman, who has been strategic her entire career about manipulating her way up the ranks and for personal benefit.

Despite her claims of ignorance, Kristen is well aware of the path to success in Aurora and has chosen to be on the dark side wit the corrupt to gain what she needs.

She has fooled a lot of people. She even fooled us for years.

We made the mistake of assuming she was an ethical law enforcement official who would do the right thing, a very hard thing, when she was told about crimes, corruption and threats to those who stop the wrongdoing.

Instead, she did the exact opposite and became part of the problem.

Kristen has also been working on a side business while getting paid by taxpayers. The Blue Courage scheme involves former cop Michael Nila.

We know Kristen has worked on her side scheme while she is supposed to be working for Aurora taxpayers.

Beyond the usual corruption, this is a special kind of arrogance and unchecked abuse of her position.

Now, she wants to be police chief with nobody at all looking over her shoulder.

We have no doubt there is a special jail cell in the destiny for Tom Weisner and the political mafia led by Robert Vaughan.

And, we will not have any sympathy if Chris Tunney ends up there as well.

But, when it comes to Kristen Ziman's schemes, it's different. She was the person we expected to do the right thing because that's her job.

We've watched her lie, twist, mislead and scheme her way even after being exposed.

It tells us that while a jail cell would certainly be appropriate for Kristen Ziman someday, there is a special place in hell waiting for someone who had the power and responsibility to do the right thing and chose to do wrong.

Don't be fooled when you hear Kristen Ziman talk. 

Beneath the persona is a danger to taxpayers and we will not look the other way.


Anonymous said...

Where is the proof? Please provide some specific dates and documents. How is this Tunney guilty of anything if it was given to her by someone with the authority to do so. Doesn't everything have to go through the chief first. Who is he and what does he have to say?

Anonymous said...

I just spoke to a person at the police building. He said there are three commanders for the city. Commander Ziman controls the police cars on the street. Commander Nelson controls the jail and Commander Groom controls the investigators. So unless one commander is above another then how did Tunney work for Commander Groom unless he is part of the equation. I keep reading about how evil Ziman or Kjendal are but I never hear about anyone else. Except that there are a billion Grooms working and all the alleged wine drinking and sex parties.
I am going to call the chief and mayor myself and ask some more questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:13 The chiefs name is Thomas. There is a blog on him if you scroll down a few days. He won't care because he is quitting soon. Probably doesn't like wine.

Anonymous said...

Just a hunch. Now that the chief is leaving are all the commanders looking to be the next chief. If so, then I believe that someone is out to ruin Ziman's reputation. She would not write about herself on this blog. So that leaves one of the other commanders. How many Nelsons work for the city, nobody talks about that if there are any. Therefore it could be one of the many Grooms that don't want the kingdom broken up.

I hope to hear from someone in the know. Come join me at the Moose fish fry. YUMMY

Anonymous said...

Dunham has the river edge park, Vaughn has an athletic center, Santori has the new library. How and why are their names on them. Tax payers paid for them. Is Restaurant Row going to be named after Weisner? Wow one restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Do firemen have all the drama as those police do. I think the next mayor should eliminate all nepotism in all city departments and clean house. I would get a chief that is not from Aurora and does not have any relatives living here. I am tired of reading about Kjendal-Zimans, Tunneys, Grooms and wine. Move on

Anonymous said...

Yes the firemen have had the same type of issues. Remember they had money stolen from their union fund, The police had money stolen from prisoners. I don't know about wine drinking or nepotism there.

Anonymous said...

Eliminating nepotism in all departments and cleaning house would be a good thing. You've got several people in City government whose wives have been awarded useless consulting contracts and who have taken family hiring over the edge. The bigger question is how will these two mayoral candidates handle their own family hiring and family consulting contracts if elected.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could turn one of the hundreds of vacant downtown buildings into a wine bar and bath house. There seems to be many city employees with experience at running them already. And to please 8:26am named after rights: Kjendal-Ziman - wine bar & Tunny - massage parlor & Grooms - employment agency.

Anonymous said...

Hey Now! With all the wives in the city employ. A new show for TV. Desperate Wives of Aurora

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the outgoing chief Thomas. With only a few weeks before retirement, He is going to sponsor a forum about crime on the west side of Aurora. I only wonder why one of the chief candidates doesn't conduct the forum to show the citizens their leadership plans. Are they really the most qualified to replace Thomas?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the other chief candidates are too busy drinking wine and getting their relatives jobs and a police meeting with citizens is not important.

Anonymous said...

If Thomas is the Chief, why didn't he lead the community forum meetings that were held in response to all of the shootings and gang violence? That's why we pay him $165,000 per year isn't it? Seems to me that we have too many highly paid people at the APD that are getting in each other's way.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is a big problem at the APD. Kristen Ziman (her ex-husband's name is Steve Ziman) is the worst offender with her Mom, spouse, ex-spouse, business partner (Michael Nila) and buddies but the Grooms (Joe and Kim) are a problem, too.

Chris Tunney was promoted to detective so she doesn't have to be at any risk. She was a school cop, which is much less risky than a street cop.

Everyone knows Chris Tunney gets away with being useless because of Kristen.

Anonymous said...

I can't fault Chris Tunney, It's not her fault, you must take advantage of the situation.

Openline keeps talking about details coming out. I want facts and figures and proof so I can make an informed decision.

Anonymous said...

8:27 you'll be waiting a long time for any actual proof to come out here.