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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

911 Call for Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman

As many already know, Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman's father, an ex-cop, committed suicide.

We were told about it soon after it happened and weren't going to say anything in public until she does, which she now has.

As outraged as we have been and will continue to be over Kristen's narcissism, deception, association with the corrupt, personal gain, manipulation, schemes, we don't wish this tragedy on her and are very sorry for her loss and feel even more sorry for Kristen's kids, who already have a complicated family life.

Contrary to what many may believe, we like Kristen a lot.

As a person, she's sometimes funny. She likes iPhones. And loves donuts.

Once upon a time, we even thought she was a trustworthy cop (we were wrong).

If she left the profession of law enforcement and stayed far away from Aurora, she might have a chance to still do some good things with her life.

Unfortunately, her current path includes a dangerous addiction to alcohol.

In Kristen's own words, she admits her father had a drinking problem. She claims as a child she even tried to stop him from it by taking bottles from his liquor cabinet and draining them.

However, as an adult, Kristen has not only had her own visible drinking problem, but she's taken it much, much further by displaying, boasting and demonstrating her addiction to anyone who will notice.

We noticed. Haven't you?

We've seen the pictures of Kristen drinking wine (there's many more than this popular one posted above), we've seen her VERY drunk multiple times, we know about her luxury wine cellar and we know she's been irresponsible when it comes to alcohol including how it relates to her roles as a police officer, leader, mother and example for the community.

And, before you say it, yes we know...alcohol and cops are a dangerous combo across the profession, not exclusive to Kristen or APD. It's a big problem that most people don't talk about much.

So, at the moment, we aren't asking you to stop the corruption in Aurora or address the problems of the profession-at-large, but we are asking each of you who read this to step up, wake up, speak up and STOP Kristen from drinking another drop of alcohol.

Not another glass of wine. Not another drop of alcohol. Ever.

Stop immediately. No "moderation" claims.

No excuses.

Unlike her "partner" Chris Tunney who is too busy cashing checks from the corrupt folks at the Dunham Fund and has her own problems to do anything, we give a damn about Kristen and assume some of you do, too.

Stop Kristen from drinking another drop. And, get her away from this profession so she can do something else.

Her father just committed suicide.

Ideally, that would be enough of a wake-up call for Kristen to completely stop on her own, but we know that won't happen.

If we have to stop her, it will be far worse.

One option is to make sure she ends up in prison for the widespread corruption in our city and her role as a police commander.

In prison, she would be in a cellar without wine, probably near Rod Blagojevich.

That might be even be worse than just being in prison.

Instead of that, you can make her stop drinking another drop of alcohol NOW.

It's bad enough Kristen Ziman followed the same career path as her father.

Don't wait for Kristen to die the same way.


Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see Kristen's talking about her Dad's drinking problem and how she wanted to toss his bottles away when she's doing something the same or worse.

Gotta agree Kristen has a problem and she needs to stop 100%.

Anonymous said...

Is this the lady that wants to be the chief. The mayor needs to have professional psych exams done on all chief candidates. I couldn't help read things about that Groom candidate too that are disgusting. The city needs a new chief from somewhere else without political and family ties.

Anonymous said...

Can Openline get her some professional help to save her soul. We all need to pray and as good Christians, we need to go as a group to the police department and start with an intervention.

Anonymous said...

You have reached an all time low- how sick and twisted are you? It is amazing that for all the accusations you have shown nothing more then the exact same picture of her drinking a glass of wine that you ALWAYS POST! You have said for close to a year now that there would be arrests and all you can do is offer a reward for information?
I am begging you to get back on your meds- and stop making shit up.
RL & AM- please get yourself some help.

Anonymous said...

I am taken aback by what can only be described as nostril-offending, feculent, mattress-soiling miserable sock-sucking thoughts from a solitaire playing dreg of the internet. You sir are an embarrassment to feces collecting, halitosis- infested, genetically deficient, malingering, loathsome, nose picking derelicts everywhere. Your life must be filled with perverse boredom, miserably debauched, malodorous cesspool of putrid effluvium to spew this orgy of indignity. Good Day!

Anonymous said...

I have seen many stories about the job stress that police endure, I think there needs to be a professional evaluation done for the police in Aurora. There seems to be a lot of alcohol abuse and sexual misdeeds as described in previous posts. It appears that one police chief candidate drinks a lot and another lives sexual fantasies in our neighborhood parks. I had several years of psychology classes and those behaviors appear to be an outward sign of help. If I was the mayor, I would get them help before we have a FoxLake situation. I would probably keep the interim chief and look for a civilian chief.

Anonymous said...

You are a ridiculous excuse for a human- SHOW US YOUR PROOF- OR MOVE ON.
You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking the memory of a dead man, and harassing his family in their time of grief.
My dad was an alcoholic who drowned while on a binge and that article helped me deal with all the confusing emotions of my childhood. It took me a very long time to realize that I can have an adult beverage and not be an alcoholic.
you are a miserable man

Anonymous said...

Kristen's drinking, her Dad's suicide, her claim her Dad had a drinking problem when she was a kid, her claim she tried to stop it, her giant wine cellar as an adult, her being drunk in parties are ALL public knowledge, mostly from Kristen herself.

I know Kristen and it's all 100% accurate. Does Kristen have a drinking problem? Sure seems so. Given that her Dad committed suicide and she herself is linking it to drinking while she built her home around booze, seems like if anyone should stop drinking immediately, it's her. Maybe she needs professional help. She is a profession in a city and PD that encourages bad behavior from drinking to affairs to sex. It's really sick.

This may be the only way to force Kristen to wake up. On a side note, it would be a disaster for her to be chief. She should instead be taken off as a commander and take a year or two off to get focus on her behavior and kids.

Anonymous said...

Also, my understanding that alcoholics can't just have a drink here and there. It needs to stop completely. If anyone has seen Kristen drink, you know she needs to stay completely away from it.

Anyone who claims their father has a drinking problem as a kid while then building a wine cellar in your living room seems to be the perfect candidate for a problem.

Anonymous said...

Kristen made her Dad's suicide, drinking problems as her claim she tries to stop him as a kid all public. She seems to be begging others to stop her. OLB is stepping up to save her life and prevent her kids for ending up like her.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like/dislike Openline Blog OR like/dislike Kristen Ziman tagging her a narcissist is accurate. Her true self is FAR from her ideal self (the one she portrays). She could have just as easily been describing herself when she blogged that Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was a "selfish man whose private character was far different from his public persona".

Anonymous said...

Take off the blinders, 11/18 10:27. OLB is NOT doing anything noble here. OLB would actually prefer she drink more and give OLB more chances to rant about her and twist everything around. OLB has some kind of sick obsession with bashing Ziman. Pretty pitiful, actually.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me if Kristen Ziman should stop drinking immediately for her own kids sake.