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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

All-Out Assault - Kristen Ziman vs Laquan McDonald

Kristen Ziman, the dishonest, incompetent cop posing as a commander for the Aurora Police Department while making over $165,000 per year, not including her side schemes to ripoff taxpayers, said something we agree with.

That's right, we agree with with the crony cop, Aurora's Most Wanted, on something. 

She used the term "all-out assault."

Well, she used it defending her hero, Joe Gliniewicz, the dishonest, incompetent cop in Fox Lake, claiming there was an all-out assault on police.

Turned out she was totally wrong about that and many other claims but she was right there IS an all-out assault going on.

It's by bad cops like Joe Gliniewicz, Kristen Ziman and many others who have tarnished the credibility and integrity of the vast majority of good cops that work hard every day, don't play politics, don't lie, don't have narcissism problems, don't behave unprofessionally and don't make a fool of themselves.

Statistically, fatalities against cops are thankfully down.

Unfortunately, fatalities caused by cops have increased.

Kristen Ziman, the bad cop, says incidents like Michael Brown or Ferguson were "isolated" yet we keep learning of new situations all the time.

It's like there is an all-out assault on the public.

Or maybe we are just better aware of the bad cops thanks to technology, video and smartphones.

Either way, we have a serious crisis in our communities and society that can no longer be viewed as "isolated" because it is impacting the trust between the good public and good cops.

Chicago is about to take the world stage for a murder of Laquan McDonald by a cop...with a video that was intentionally hidden from the public for pure political purpose.

Some, like Kristen Ziman, will say this is just another isolated example of a bad cop and make excuses as to why nothing should change.

When Kristen's hero, Joe Gliniewicz, died, over 400 cops from all over the state went to his funeral or joined the manhunt for finding his killers that didn't exist.

When the protests begin for this murder by a cop in Chicago, you will see another painful reminder of how not isolated this problem is.

What you won't see is Kristen Ziman or those bad cops similar to her standing with the protesters and demanding change.

We need good cops to get the credit they deserve and the only way is to admit we have far too many bad ones and take steps to fix it.

Otherwise, we will see you at the next "isolated" incident.

Note: To be fair, we should point out we doubt Kristen Ziman would ever shoot anyone because she avoids any interaction with street crime and she is too scared to deal with any adverse, uncontrolled situation where she isn't hiding atop the $163 million police palace or in the $500,000 APD tank.


Anonymous said...

I just heard about this site and I got to say: There is no doubt my old buddy Joseph Groom is the author. He wants to be chief so bad that he will resort to a smear campaign against a girl. I always cringed when he was up to bat and worried that he would get hurt again as usual. Poor fragile Joe. He even arrested his best friend for lighting a fire cracker in his back yard. Did he arrest himself for public indecency or domestic battery to Miss McDermott. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Joe have you shot yourself lately

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Joe Groom and Kristen Ziman are both insults to real cops.

Anonymous said...

Get another devil tat on your back Joe

Anonymous said...

Open Line should do a story on about all the thousands in worker comp money Joey got from the city for injuries allgedly on the job.

Anonymous said...

Or about all those police getting workers comp for alleged injuries on the job.

Anonymous said...

Why is it legal for family members to work together at the APD?

Anonymous said...

Why are you so stuipd? Can OLB please give ANY PROOF what so ever. or do they just contunie to circle JERK and throw mud. Perhaps OLB should focus on their own insecurities, shortcomings, and lack of knowledge and proof- and work on a target that has actually done soemthing illegal and wrong.

Ive drank at thirsty thursdays andt he only people at the PD that every officer HATES is Groom and his 3 little minnons. Borsi, Hull and Robertson who have their heads so far up his ass that they have gotten right into the vidnictive, shady gyutter with him.

Anonymous said...

How many City workers are on worker's comp? How many claims are filed? Which departments have the most cases? How much money are the taxpayers paying out each year to these people? Who are these people? Are the cases all legitimate? Who at the City makes the decision to pay out the money? Is it ordered by a judge, hearing officer or arbitrator? Is it a City Attorney or some other specially-hired lawyer? A doctor? Is it the "Mayor's Office" or the City Council? How does Aurora compare to the amount of money paid out by other big cities in Illinois? The media has exposed some real worker's comp fiascos in Chicago. I'd like to see them come out here. The findings would be pretty interesting as the players all squirm to shift blame and avoid accountability.