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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman's Hero Pat Camden Lied About Laquan McDonald

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman is on a roll. Everyone she considers a hero turns out to be a fraud.

Take Pat Camden, the longtime spokesman and liar for bad cops in Chicago.

Kristen Ziman has called him one of her personal favorite people in law enforcement.

Yet, here is what Oat Camden said the day after Laquan McDonald was murdered by cops.

FOP spokesman Pat Camden said McDonald was shot in the chest after he lunged at Van Dyke and his partner with a knife. "He is a very serious threat to the officers, and he leaves them no choice at that point to defend themselves," Camden said that night.

At least we know if a cover up of a murder happens at the Aurora Police Department, we can knock on Kristen Ziman's door first to hear the lie.


Anonymous said...

So many people are part of this crime, it's a tragedy. This is what happens for a MURDER. Imagine what type of lies are said for crimes that aren't high-profile?

Anonymous said...

So who told Pat Camden that the dead man 'lunged'? Who told that person this obvious falsehood?

Anonymous said...

Great question, Pat Camden's excuse is he was told by others, so he should be clear who told him what and when.

That doesn't get Camden off-the-hook. He should said "we don't know what happened" unless he was sure.

I personally believe he knew it needed to be covered-up. Now that we have seen the video, none of those officers present would have let Camden say those things unless they wanted it to be covered-up. They knew and I suspect so did he.

I'm not surprised Kristen think's a liar like Pat Camden is one of her heroes.