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Friday, November 13, 2015

Aurora Makes Top 10 List of Worst Places to Retire

Aurora makes Top 10 List of Worst Places to Retire

Special congratulations to corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner, his incompetent advisors, staff, corrupt cronies and the rubber stamps on the city council for ten years of consistent fiscal irresponsibility to make this happen and reaching his dream of making Aurora (almost) second to none. There is no doubt this honor is well-deserved.

We already knew Aurora easily beat Chicago for the most corruption but weren't sure if it could exceed thousands of cities on fiscal incompetence so Mr. Weisner deserves immense credit.

Honorable mention to Robert Vaughan, the mayor's boss and master of corruption in Aurora, currently receiving a luxury pension at taxpayer expense while fleecing a nonprofit slush fund. He is enjoying and getting rich from his retirement so you don't have to.

We advise outgoing Police Chief Greg Thomas to find a city not on this list to enjoy his own retirement.

Note: thanks to our viewers who alerted us to this breaking news since the City of Aurora mysteriously hasn't blasted anything about this honor.


Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder? Why, here in Aurora, we have an obscene number of exorbitant local governmental units, shootings and street crime to rival the best, bottom feeding test rankings for two school districts, loads of lame rental properties and rancid neighborhoods, which people are fleeing as quickly as they can. Sad on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Aurora is more corrupt than Chicago. IF Chicago was removed from the list and put in a category totally of its own above all other cities in the US (as it should be), I'd maybe agree Aurora would be at the top of the list of the remaining cities. But Chicago is just in a class of its own -- they've made corruption a true art form.

To the first commenter: Agree with everything EXCEPT the obscene number of government units isn't just Aurora, it's the entire state. There's a crapload of levels of government in Illinois that should be completely disbanded, like the townships and the gazillions of special districts (mosquito abatement, etc.) whose functions should all be fulfilled by either the city or county.

Anonymous said...

Aurora's corruption is embedded into every project. There isn't a federal prison big enough to hold all those responsible.

Anonymous said...

But not all of them are as exorbitant as Aurora. Where else can you find a Park District that payed a director $458,000 for his last year of work? The guy after him was paid $376,000 for his last year. Apparently cutting grass and scheduling exercise classes is more complicated than the taxpayers thought.