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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Aurora's Most Wanted | Kristen Ziman

Aurora's Most Wanted - Kristen Ziman

A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for information that results in the arrest and conviction of KRISTEN ZIMAN (aka "KRISTEN KJENDAL") of Aurora, Illinois.

She has been employed as a "commander" at the Aurora Police Department, where she has multiple family members who have been on the payroll at taxpayer expense.

Kristen Ziman also operates a for-profit side scheme under investigation to exploit police departments and taxpayers across the nation called "Blue Courage" with an ex-cop.

Based upon an extensive investigation, serious allegations and reliable information, including from law enforcement sources, we believe KRISTEN ZIMAN may have violated certain laws and standards of professional responsibility.

Any information or tips submitted will be shared with multiple law enforcement agencies.

If arrested and convicted, we urge the maximum punishment allowed by law to insure zero tolerance for those in law enforcement who violate the law and/or professional standards.

Aurora has been second to none in Illinois for corruption and crimes against taxpayers under Mayor Tom Weisner and political mafia boss Bob Vaughan.

All media should contact us directly with any questions and for more specific details.

Kristen Ziman is the top person on Aurora's Most Wanted list.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the chief job has come down to Perkins or Nila, apparently both still run the place. Nila and Lawler pushed up Ziman and Perkins pulled up Groom. The revolving door of idiots never shuts.

Anonymous said...

Open Line Blog Master can you get a new photo maybe a Chablis or Riesling.

Anonymous said...

Michael Nila, the guy who bribed Tom Weisner with $1500 to get a city contract?

Anonymous said...

Is it true Kristen Ziman has a wine cellar in her living room? I mean if she's that stupid to drink this much and post photos of herself while being a cop and mother, seems to me is truly irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

"Drink this much"? How much does she drink? I've only ever seen ONE picture that Openline keeps posting over and over. If Openline had more, we would have seen them. As for this totally bogus reward offer, it just PROVES that Openline knows there is nothing to these charges. Might as well offer a million. Especially since Openline will never come out of hiding to pay off. As far as media contacting Openline directly, no legitimate media will ever contact Openline. I've never seen Openline quoted by any legitimate media, except once where they weren't quoted but were mentioned as "nitwit bloggers".

Anonymous said...

Everyone who knows Kristen knows she drinks a lot.

I've seen OLB post other photos of Kristen making a fool of herself on Facebook but hard to beat this one.