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Monday, November 16, 2015

Aurora's Most Wanted | Robert O'Connor

Robert O'Connor is among Aurora's Most Wanted.

The career politician has been alderman for decades and chair of the finance committee for all of corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's decade of taxpayer exploitation, fiscal incompetence, tax increases, skyrocketing debt and approving contracts to cronies.

Also known as Bob O'Connor, he has evaded constituent services by being Alderman-at-Large, ignoring citizen needs.

From the Shodeen Fiasco to corruption to build the $163 million police palace, O'Connor has been key to rubber-stamping the crimes against taxpayers.

O'Connor wanted to be mayor years ago and also ran a terrible campaign once for state rep.

The obsession for power never ended so the closest he could come was the power and checkbook of the finance committee.

City Hall sources say when Weisner was elected in 2005, the plan was to oust O'Connor but he offered a deal to help Weisner in exchange for giving him the chair.

In his most recent re-election, O'Connor took tens of thousands from Weisner cronies and the corrupt, including Chuck "Shorty" Anderson, Painters Union thug.

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Anonymous said...

What are your policy proposals? All you do is criticize and complaint.