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Monday, November 30, 2015

Aurora Police Say Crony Commander Kristen Ziman Has Gone AWOL Yet Again

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman mostly sits atop the $163 million Aurora Police Palace (built with massive corruption), where she typically is far away from both reality and the real crime in the neighborhoods and streets of Aurora.

And, when she isn't at the police palace or at her luxury home with a wine cellar, sipping her life away, she travels a lot.

Lots and LOTS of travel.

Her travel is mostly for speaking gigs to expand her fat bank account, feed her narcissism and troll for clients for her side Blue Courage (aka "Blue Coward") scheme with ex-cop and fellow crony Michael Nila.

In fact, while most of America is back at work today, the Monday after Thanksgiving, Kristen Ziman left Aurora on Sunday to travel.

And, that's after just returning from travel before the holidays, including a trip to fool a California group of women in law enforcement.

Because, you know, that's apparently very important to the ongoing crime epidemic in Aurora.

Now, she's gone AWOL yet again.

Wait, shouldn't she be exclusively focused on the 150 percent "uptick" in shootings in Aurora?

Well, yes, if you assume she gives a damn about the crime epidemic or taxpayers in the community.

After all, she's only paid about $165,000 per year to pay attention to such trivial matters for a police commander.

Instead, Kristen's priorities are elsewhere, but now many rank-n-file Aurora Police Officers tell us that with Chief Greg Thomas' exit to Darien, there's zero oversight of Queen Kristen Ziman.


So, who approves Kristen Ziman's frequent travel and reckless disregard for both taxpayers and the rest of the Aurora Police Department that doesn't get to takeoff whenever they wish?

Turns out Kristen Ziman has approved Kristen Ziman's travel to go AWOL.

We've repeatedly asked the Aurora Police Department to provide us with any documentation to substantiate the requests to travel and the approval, but they claim no such documentation exists.

And, according to other police officers, it's because Kristen doesn't get approval from anyone but herself.

To be fair, given her incompetence, lack of integrity and connection to the corrupt, it's probably best Kristen Ziman isn't in Aurora to screw things up more than she already does.

And, with the heat and scrutiny increasing on bad cops like her who lie and play with the political mafia from the Laquan McDonald murder, she may want to stay away for a while.

To the rest of the rank-n-file Aurora police officers who show up to work and make protecting citizens their ONLY priority, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Some of these commanders get SIX weeks of paid vacation each year. That's on top of having Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years, etc. off. Who out here in the private world gets six weeks paid vacation?

Anonymous said...

She gets paid $165,000 while she gets to have a side business and all this time to party and travel?

And, then she will get a big fat pension for the rest of her life???

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Kristen Ziman has always been looking out for Kristen Ziman in her career. She would NEVER have made it in law enforcement other than Aurora and the nepotism.

If she has any self-respect, she will step down and go focus on her political friends and taxpayer ripoff schemes only. I'm sure she will do very well at those full-time.

Anonymous said...

I really wish openline would share their information with the US Attorney and also put out a full page ad in the paper. People ned to know how bad they are being ripped off by a few select families. It seems to be a kingdom at that police station. It's sickening to see that Ziman hiring her mom, dad, girlfriends, ex husband and his girlfriends and then not even stay in Aurora to do her job.

Those Groomes seem to be just as bad with all there family working there, dad, kids, wifes. and all that sex in the park and devil stuff.

I can't believe the gaul of those groomes: I almost choked on my pizza at the club Saturday night. I heard that even with the focus on the family hiring factory getting exposed, the Groomes hired 2 more of their kids. They start out as gophers and then go to one hundred grand a year the day they reach 21. WOW ! What a family business. Yes $100,000 a year

Anonymous said...

This call goes out to all the cops and others with knowledge about the true misdeeds done by the people always mentioned in this blog. I am flabbergasted at what I have read to date.

pumpkin head
uncle fester
and any others I missed

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy - the claim or pretense of holding beliefs, virtues, standards, or behaviors that one does not truly hold. Hypocrisy involves deception and lies.. See: Kristen Ziman
Those defending Ziman have yet to see the real her. She does her best to use her self professed "funny" to over shadow her hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Lets all celebrate the hiring of a new ziman or groom with a nice Chablis.

Anonymous said...

Yet again you are a fucking moron- how long will you continue to stalk her twitter and facebook page- One would think if you had such great inside information you could stop posting the EXACT SAME PICTURE. Openline- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show us ANY PROOF at all of these claims. CAll the AG's office- if you have the proof needed to bring down the kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Why the "FUCK" am I paying taxes so that someone that makes $160,000 a year can travel around the country, teaching and making money. I'm paying to have that person here in Aurora. There are probably thousands of retired officers with more knowledge and real experience that should be the teachers. If you don't like your big commander job then QUIT and teach.

As for the other goof, he needs to get help for his bad behavior and for beating woman.

All of the Grooms's and Zimans etc. need to be let go. There are qualified people out there that would love to be a police in Aurora. We are family friendly in Aurora. However, the mayor needs to stop this two or three family hiring party now.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:06 WAKE UP!!! That's the way Aurora works. Weisner and the Groom mother are best friends. HELLO !!!!! Ziman and that moron Lauwler were tight and he brought her up the line. Doebran and Perkins (when not brutalizing citizens, or playing floor hockey on duty or beating bartenders for not serving him brought up that Groom. Kjendall was a good cop but got corrupted and stole money from booked prisoners. Groom had issues with man handling females and being too sexual in public places. Tunney I don't know, just heard rumors that female Ziman brought her up the line.

May god be with all my cop friends.

Anonymous said...

Dobran, Perkins and Gillofo were all scum. Michael Nila, too.

And, the bad cops are being elevated. Not just Kristen Ziman or Chris Tunney but other morons, like Michael Abbs (Lt) or Jim Boatman (Sgt). The cop of the year last year was a lying pig, Doug Rashkow.

Someone should seriously map the incest, threesome and cheating spouses of the APD leadership over the years. It will make Game of Thrones seem timid.