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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Aurora Shootings See Uptick of 150 Percent; Be Thankful You Don't Livein Naperville

To our Aurora viewers, we know it's hard dealing with a 150% "uptick" in shootings while Crony Cop Queen Kristen Ziman sits atop the $163 million police palace built with corruption telling you to call 911, but it could be much worse.

Just be thankful this Thanksgiving you don't live in Naperville, where taxes are 3x less, and crime like this exists.


Anonymous said...

Naperville doesn't even have a police palace.

Maybe if they did, they could have stopped the golf club crime.

Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious unless you are an Aurora taxpayer that's been exploited.

alfie said...

For your answer to why look at the composition of Naperville vs Aurora


White 69.2%
Asian 17.4%
Hispanic 6.8%
Black 4.0%


Hispanic 43%
White 37.%
Black 9.2 %
Asian 8.6%