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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Corruption at Aurora Police Department (APD)

OpenlineBlog has learned a second current commander of the Aurora Police Department is alleged to be involved with corruption for personal gain. This is in addition to multiple allegations regarding another current commander.

Despite fake claims of an "extensive search" to replace outgoing Chief Greg Thomas, Aurora's Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner is expected to name one of the crony commanders as the next chief and the other as "deputy chief" as part of a pre-determined scheme and payoff.

Previously, the position of deputy chief had been eliminated as "frivolous" but is being reinstated as part of a corrupt deal to payoff one of the commanders for not being named the next chief, according to sources.

Both commanders, who also have family members on the payroll of the APD, have cooperated and/or looked the other way on massive corruption involving the $163 million Aurora Police Palace that has exploited taxpayers and rewarded cronies and campaign contributors.

An Aurora police detective, Chris Tunney, is also alleged to be involved with corruption by receiving a payoff in the form of a paid board position from the Dunham Fund, a corrupt nonprofit slush fund, controlled by Bob Vaughan, the master of corruption in Aurora and Weisner's campaign chief.

Tunney shares the same household as one of the crony commanders. Sources say Tunney was paid to avoid paying the commander directly. Dunham Fund and its board members are connected to several corruption schemes across Aurora. One board member also received contracts for the same corrupt Aurora Police Palace. The fund was originally intended to help education, not corruption.

One of the crony commanders is also involved with a side scheme called "Blue Courage" with a former Aurora cop to exploit police departments and taxpayers across the nation and allegedly has worked on these schemes during business hours and duties for the APD. The former cop, Michael Nila, has used political contribution payoffs to politicians to obtain contracts at taxpayer expense. He also paid corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner for a contract via a campaign contribution, which is a the common way of doing business in Aurora since 2005.

Several rank-n-file officers have complained these two commanders are not only corrupt but "incompetent" and it would be a "disaster" and "dangerous" if either were named chief in a city with skyrocketing crime.

Aurora, the largest suburb in Illinois, is second to none for corruption, taxes, wild spending and crime.

The city has experienced a 150% increase in shootings since last year. Kristen Ziman, one of the so-called "commanders" at the APD called this increase an "uptick" as part of political cover for the mayor.

Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.

Note: Corruption is an epidemic in Aurora and a serious federal crime. We have a zero tolerance for corrupt politicians and even less for corrupt law enforcement officials. If you have any information to help stop corruption or lead to the arrest and conviction of any of those responsible for these crimes, please report it the FBI. Please also note there are many ethical rank-n-file members of the APD.


Anonymous said...

Well it's about time others are exposed. One commander should never have been hired, he allegedly had sex on a squad car in a public park. He also had several instances of domestic violence. I'm sure there are even more wrong deeds done since I retired. That commander was always hated by most officers. I hope he isn't chief or deputy chief.

Anonymous said...

There's just not enough popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Did he go to jail.

How much money have they stole from tax payers like that cop that killed himself for stealing from his police fund.

Anonymous said...

So according to that article in the Beacon, Jim Pilmer got that job because the moon and stars aligned? Weisner was not seeking re-election? He beat out 60 other candidates with qualifications and a background of critical thinking? That's the BS that he and the cronies are spouting?
Seriously, dudes?
Sorry, but here's a reality check. He got the job as the next director of the Fox Valley Park District because the board of trustees now consists of his friends and good old boys with two exceptions. That's five out of seven votes,and unlike the last go around, there were now enough friendly votes for him to be hired.
The profile for the next director was tailor made by these bozo's for him alone. The board also decided not to do a national search, where Mr. Pilmer would have undoubtedly found himself more in the middle of the pack. How else do you explain the job going to this individual? Does he have an advanced degree in parks and recreation? For the second biggest park district in the State?
This appointment should have been filled through a private and independent consultant who evaluated candidates from across the country. A professional with proven park district management experience should have been selected. It should have been an individual with fifteen or more years of experience left to give the taxpayers, not some political appointee who ran a couple of parks for Aurora and has only five years to go before retirement.

Anonymous said...

The names of the moons who lined up for Jim were Bob Vaughan, Dennis Wiggins, Theodia Gillespie, Aex Alexandrou and Chuck Anderson.
One is the only guy in the Fox Valley having a public pension of $186,000 per year and growing, the other is the former chairman of the Kane County Republican party, another is his BFF from City Hall and the other is a retired union guy who'd do about anything to keep the job local.
They're all white guys, over 50-60 years of age and part of the old guard. How many senior citizen white males do we really need on this board? A majority of four? Where's the representation for young parents? How about other younger stakeholders who have some fresh ideas about recreational needs in the Fox Valley? Why isn't there more than one token Latino and Black? Oh, I forgot, these members are appointed, not elected. So much for community representation.

Anonymous said...

These boards members are moons all right. Let's hope that future reflective comments are not so sappy and more anchored in the truth. People are not stupid and know exactly how this job was filled: politics at its best. So glad they'll be free elections in 2017 so we can get rid of these "friends and family" board members. Can't wait for the election.

Anonymous said...

Theodia's not a white guy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the moons just gave the taxpayers an eight bun salute. Must have been in glutinous alignment.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that after 30 years, Vaughan, who's Pilmer's benefactor, would just go away but he won't. What do you expect from someone who made $450,000 in his last year of working at the Park District? Outrageous? See for yourself at the Family Taxpayer's Foundation. He'll continue influencing park business through Pilmer's appointment. Talk about wearing out your welcome.
Wiggins is a good old boy. An ally of Lauzen, he's happy to do about anything to get one of his own that job. Toward the end of Pilmer's insurance career, JP was an unsuccessful candidate for the General Assembly as a Republican. Geez, do you think they know each other? Go way back? Have some favors to exchange?
Alexandrou and Pilmer are buddies from the Hall. Did Alex recuse himself or make an impartial decision. As a HR professional, he should've insisted that there be that national search.
Anderson's friends with all of them. He's happy to have used an unprofessional process as long as the job went to an inbred.
Geez, with a majority of older white guys on this board, I'm looking for that huge development that Del Webb just built that doubled Aurora's population.
Theodia, we understand. You run the Urban League and you'd better keep City Hall and the County happy so you don't lose precious funding. Wouldn't want to buck yourself out of a job.
There's lots of money to dicker with at the Park District. Let's watch this band of conies start running the wheel at another unit of Illinois local government. Watch for the new part time employees, new managers, new contracts and new positions like "program coordinator."
These personnel costs are the real parks and recreation needs of the Fox Valley, aren't they? They're why we voted for that referendum and why we pay taxes, right?