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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Death of 9 Year Old Tyshawn Lee Was Just An Uptick

Why is everyone so upset over the death of 9 year old Tyshawn Lee, a child murdered in Chicago?

Seriously, get over it, what's wrong with all you people?

After all, if this tragedy had been in Aurora, Illinois, home of the $163 million corrupt police palace, at least we could rely on crony cop Kristen Ziman to call it just an "uptick" because political grandstanding for a corrupt mayor and putting personal ambition and position is far more important than people, principles or the integrity of one's profession.

If you live in Aurora, you all remember Kristen Ziman, the self-proclaimed expert, saying that a 150% increase in shootings was just an "uptick."

Shame on Kristen Ziman, the cowardly cop who hides behind a badge under her desk atop the police palace or can be seen sometimes driving to Dunkin Donuts. We're surprised she just doesn't drive the half-million dollar tank the APD has wasted taxpayer resources on since she's so scared of the public, media and reality.

When you see an "uptick" anywhere, we should credit Kristen Ziman for having almost as competence, experience and integrity as her hero Joe Gliniewicz from Fox Lake. At least he had the courage to end his career.

Let's all pray Kristen's own kids or anyone's kids are never in a tragic situation where some corrupt, dishonest, narcissist and disgraceful taxpayer exploiting cop like Kristen, let alone someone who biologically claims to be a mother, calls it just an "uptick."

Kristen, go drink some more wine, try not to think about kids in Aurora or Chicago being killed while you party with the corrupt and make sure your partner Chris Tunney cashes that dirty check issued from the corrupt crew from the Dunham Slush Fund and, remember, let's all be warriors.

One more thing, Kristen. Don't forget to get a check from Michael Nila, like the one he "allegedly" used to bribe the mayor (unless it was cash, of course).

Read the column by John Kass for more.


Anonymous said...

Kristen deserves every criticism she's getting. Calling the shooting increase an uptick was idiotic and insulting to all.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how long this will last. Openline is well known for censoring any post critical of them -- especially when true. But I'll keep trying just because it's fun. My last attempt was several hours ago; will see how long this one lasts.

My point is that Ziman MAY deserve every criticism she's getting, but SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PARTICULAR INCIDENT. It is a despicable act for Openline to take this poor boy's murder and twist it and use it to make a point. It's a new low for Openline (and Openline's had some pretty low lows over the years). Openline is trivializing this poor boy's murder with this post. The shame here is on Openline.