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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

East Aurora School District 131 Smacks Taxpayers With Increase

Aurora is second to none for taxes, debt, reverse economic development and fiscal irresponsibility under corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner and slush fund boss Bob Vaughan.

Each school district not only has their own fiscal challenge but must also deal with the fiscal conditions created by the city.

Only one school district, East Aurora School District 131, is exclusively in the City of Aurora (204 and 129 also overlap with other cities).

Already, the property taxes by the city are 3X higher than Naperville so when you add taxes related to schools, every penny adds to the pain.

Despite pleas to lower taxes, the school board increased taxes by 5% or approximately $30 million.

Some board members acknowledge they are between two difficult choices.

The district is in a crisis, one of the worst performing in the state.

The educational performance is a direct impact on property values and when combined with the fiscal irresponsibility of the city under the corrupt mayor, it's driving out the top taxpayers, making the situation even worse.

Old Copley Hospital sits as a giant symbol of Tom Weisner's blight, reverse economic development and reckless disregard for the children of East Aurora.

The property, just across from a school, has literally been crumbling for years while the mayor played games with Ragu Nayak, who has been the mayor's close buddy and fundraiser.

Nayak eventually landed in federal prison. 

Meanwhile, zero progress of any kind has been made to alleviate the pressure on taxpayers.

While residents are correct to blame the school district for its incompetent leadership over the years with the previous administration, including by Clayoton Muhammad and they are correct to be upset now, they also need to direct their anger at the mayor, city council, state reps Kifowit and Chapa, state senator Holmes, all who have looked the other way on these problems for years while instead partying with the political mafia and shoving the bill down taxpayer throats.

Aurora is dying. Don't say you were warned.


Anonymous said...

it's simple. If you live in 131, you are triple screwed.

Your taxes are high and increasing.

Your school performance sucks.

Your city has no plan to change the economics and is making it worse every day.

They should rename Old Copley the Old Weisner.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile certain administrator favorites get salary increases...Matt Hanley's $40K raise, for example.