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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Joe Groom vs Kristen Ziman | Trouble at the Aurora Police Palace

OpenlineBlog has learned from sources at the Aurora Police Palace there is a deal in the works to settle the battle for which incompetent, crony, ethical misfit police commander will become the new Chief of Police when Greg Thomas exits on November 13.

Joe Groom and Kristen Ziman both want the top job even though both would be disastrous.

Although the mayor's office claims they have been doing an extensive search, the truth is the fix was in all along for Kristen Ziman.

That is why Kristen, not Joe or even Police Chief Greg Thomas, spoke at the crime forums about why a 150% increase in shootings is an "uptick."

The problem for Kristen is that everyone knows she has been elevated in recent years for reasons unrelated to experience, competence or talent.

Technically, even if Joe Groom's only accomplishments are bringing the red light camera scheme to Aurora and overseeing the corruption for the $163 million police palace, he does have more service and time in "leadership" than Kristen.

Enter Bob Vaughan, the corrupt mayor of Aurora's boss.

He paid off Kristen to look the other way on various crimes by appointing her partner, Chris Tunney, to the Dunham Slush Fund, which he controls.

The social circle around the Dunham Fund includes Vicki Morcis, Mike Mircis, Michael Nila, Stuart Beach and other cronies connected to corruption.

They all want Kristen to be their "witch" in the chief's chair.

Meanwhile, there are some older cops who aren't impressed with Kristen's schemes and say Joe should be the chief, even if it has to be one of the current clowns instead of someone new, independent, competent, talented and honest.

On the surface, Joe and Kristen say nice things about each other but behind-the-scenes, each has made the case why the other sucks.

Joe is correct to point out Kristen lacks competence or experience.

Kristen is correct to say Joe was the conduit for corruption in building the Aurora Police Palace.

Both are technically correct the other sucks.

Neither are competent, trustworthy or talented.

Both lack respect from the rank-n-file cops.

Both have family members on the payroll because of who they are.

So, what is poor corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner to do?

No, he's not going to fire them, even though he should.

He's going to give one of them a payoff.

And, you, the taxpayer, get to pay for it.

One of them will be named "Deputy Chief" even though that position was tossed out years ago.


It will give them a salary and pension increase for doing zero extra work.

All at your expense.


Anonymous said...

A chief, a deputy chief, four commanders, a civilian to run the 911 Center at $140,000, about eighteen lieutenants and loads of sergeants. Only in government do we have so many 'Chiefs' and 'lil Chiefs.' Can you publish their salaries, underwear allowance, education bonuses, etc?

Anonymous said...

The continuation of sex and wine parties.

Anonymous said...

Did that commander ever get busted for public indecency like us civilian folks would? Sex in a park is illegal. I read that in a post from 2 days ago. I guess nothing happened or he would not be in the running for chief.

Anonymous said...

I think I will freedom of information act the information on that sex in the park and domestic fights. He should resign for being a pervert. That female Ziman should go to AA and get help for her drinking problem.
Can anyone shed light on the other commanders and 18 leutenants I might write a book 50 shades of blue or something.

Anonymous said...

There could be more lieutenants than 18. There's a lot of lieutenants and sergeants. Like a wasteful branch of the military under Putin.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor got arrested for peeing in a park when he could not hold it. This clown bangs a chick and gets a raise. WTF

Anonymous said...

This posting mentions that both of the top candidates for Chief are ethical misfits. At the City, there are several ethical misfits who run departments, like DeLeon. Must be a qualification for employment at the Streets Department too.

Anonymous said...

Is Deleon a weirdo? Are there any non freaks at the police department. Must be nice to live a life of sex and wine and make many thousands of tax payer money also earn money on the side and hire all your friends and family.

Anonymous said...

That guy should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Joe was no star as a police officer. I remember him always being sick and very lazy. He only rose up by sucking up to cronys with power like Perkins and Nila. They molded him into their image and he talked down to everybody. I feel bad for the guys and girls that are still there.

Anonymous said...

I saw him shoot himself

Anonymous said...

Who in the world wrote that press release announcing Jim Pilmer's hiring at the Park District? Were others surprised to discover that we have Aurora royalty living among us, right in our very midst? I've never read the pronoun "I" so many times in a new hire's quotes. It was like propaganda for a failing presidential campaign and left one spellbound with anticipation for the release of Mr. Pilmer's biography and memoirs. Sometimes, there's just not enough popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Yep they called him Joe worker comp Groom. His only qualification is taking care of that horribly dumb wife and hiding her mistakes at the police department. I loved the job but hated working for those bafoons.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he got any weisner kickback money for that monstrous building, plus I was told he got his dad the huge grass cutting and snow plowing job at that new police station. Nothing like ALL IN THE FAMILY, GROOM FAMILY that is !

Anonymous said...

Perkins was a doosey cop, promoted for being brutal and promoted again for playing floor hockey on duty and promoted again for beating a bartender for not serving him 2 beers at once. What a role model for that Joe Groom.

Anonymous said...

It's really pathetic when the next chief could be one of these ethical misfits like Kristen, Groom, Nila, Perkins.

No wonder crime-fighting has failed in this city when we have such awful police "leaders."

Anonymous said...

Vicki Morcos, close friends with Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney, got the contract for furniture for the police palace (and library). She's part of the Dunham Fund, too. This town is corruption city.

Anonymous said...

Kristen should be ashamed of herself.