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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kristen Ziman, Joe Gliniewicz and Chris Tunney; Don't Be Fooled

There are good and bad in every profession. Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges are no different.

Locally, there are good and bad. Some of the bad are incompetent. Some of the bad lack integrity and do wrong things, including lying or committing crimes.

It's very hard for those within these professions to recognize and take action against their colleagues because it's not much different than when someone tells you your family member is bad.

Naturally, you resist the idea.

You may think you know the person well. You may see them almost every day.

You may get defensive and you may even discredit those who dare to say such things.

Often, it isn't until cold hard facts and reality smack you in the face that separates what you want to think with what you should have known if you had been objective in the first place.

Yet, we also know there are good people in these professions who rise above the emotional view and somehow are able to sift the smoke and mirrors to see reality.

It's some of those smart people that we wish we could blast their names loud so they get the credit they deserve.

However, if we did, they would be retaliated against for not being one of the brotherhood, not being part of the team.

All we can do is thank them and do everything in our power to make sure the facts are known and the bad ones are stopped and made accountable.

This is why we will make sure that Aurora's bad cops Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney are exposed for their schemes, removed from the profession and held accountable, preferably in a prison cell for the rest of their lives.

Yes, we said prison for life. Without parole. Let them be examples and case studies for every police recruit in America on how not to end up as.

Aurora is a city with a corrupt mayor, Tom Weisner. He is a disgusting person who will throw his own family under the bus if it gains something for him.

Weisner and the political mafia of Aurora have ripped off taxpayers for millions upon millions. We are not alleging he is corrupt. We are 100% sure.

Yet, neither Tom Weisner nor Bob Vaughan, his chief of corruption, are at the top of our Aurora's Most Wanted List.

Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney are at the top of that list.

Because they have ripped off taxpayers for more money?


It's because they are cops. They should know better. They swore an oath to protect us from the bad guys, not exploit us.

We hold them to a higher standard and so should you.

And we get it why it's so hard to imagine a cop being bad.

We didn't want to believe Kristen Ziman was anything but the awesome personality she has created over the years.

Our first clue something was wrong was from another cop who said "someday you'll realize she isn't competent and someday you'll realize how she has corrupted her way up the ladder."

We refused to believe it, thinking maybe it was because of feeling they had wronged and bypassed.

Now, looking back, all the clues and warnings were there. We heard from multiple cops, multiple viewers.

We couldn't imagine someone like Kristen Ziman could be like this.

We were wrong.

Someday we will be able to tell the full story of how and why we learned Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney deserve to be at the top of Aurora's Most Wanted List.

It was as difficult for us to realize as we see for those in law enforcement today feeling fooled over the truth coming out about Fox Lake Cop Joe Gliniewicz.

Gliniewicz was a disgraceful, lying cop who used his position in law enforcement for personal gain.

The clues were there long before but now everyone knows.

Kristen Ziman is a disgraceful, lying cop who has used her position in law enforcement for personal gain.

Once again, the clues have been there but in this case, not everyone knows and many will not believe it until it's too late.

Ironically, when we first learned about Joe Gliniewicz, the first clue we had something was wrong was that Kristen Ziman called him a hero and proclaimed the world was against cops.


Turned out Joe Gliniewicz was a liar, coward and exploiter. And the world isn't against cops. Just bad cops.

When you read the story of Joe Gliniewicz, his manipulation, carefully staged schemes to portray himself one way to make you think he is good, not bad, you will start to understand how we see Kristen Ziman's story unfolding.

The only difference between Joe Gliniewicz, Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney is that Joe Gliniewicz is dead, his schemes and lies have stopped. Kristen and Chris continue.

As difficult as any of this may be to believe for some, all we can say is stay tuned. The story is far from over.

Don't be fooled by Kristen Ziman or Chris Tunney anymore than being fooled by Joe Gliniewicz.


Anonymous said...

Openline- Why do you only talk about that Ziman and Tunney? I have read many comments about others like the Grooms and if any of that is true, you should investigate those also. If there are dirty cops running our police department and city it is your civic duty to turn over the evidence to the proper authorities.

Anonymous said...

I like openline but there must be a conspiracy here. Why isn't there any articles about Kjendalls or Grooms or Deleons, are they teaming up against Tunney and Ziman to keep them from being the chief. The mayor needs to pick a person from the outside. I'm starting a new slogan. TAX PAYERS MATTER

Anonymous said...

Tax Payers Matter: I LOVE that!!!!

Perhaps open line will divulge their evidence soon. They should also insist that the hiring records from the city of aurora be examined to see if all those Grooms, Kjendals, Zimans and Deleons should have been hired at all. I read that one guy had a pool put in, was it a kick back and the contracts for that huge police station should be analyzed. Plus who are those Dunhams that seem to run the city and pay off people just to get their name on things.

Anonymous said...

How about the Park District where they paid their directors $458,000 and $376,000 for a single year of employment right before they retired? Cutting grass and scheduling hot yoga classes must be tougher than the people paying taxes think.

Anonymous said...

One retired director makes a pension of over $186,000 per year. The second makes $180,000. The third lady just retired and makes an undisclosed pension. All of them retired in their 50's. Why are we subsidizing these people with luxury pensions before the age of 60?

Anonymous said...

Hello people, Kjendals and Ziman's are the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are the same nepotistic and hire their own

Anonymous said...

How many retired chiefs are there in Aurora? Probably just like the park district and all collecting $200,000 each. Just screw the tax payers more and more.

Anonymous said...

I think there are 7 or 8 and each make a fortune. That's why we see the battle brewing between those Grooms and Zimans, it's for control of the hiring process and all the perks.