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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Meet Jason Van Dyke, Warrior Cop

Jason Van Dyke, killer warrior cop.

After Laquan McDonald was murdered in Chicago, no police officer went up to check on him.

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman says cops should be warriors.

Looks like she got her wish.

Let's drink more wine and be gladiators.


Anonymous said...

Hey openline mouth piece. That Laquan was on PCP and could have killed all those cops and others very easily. Where were you when that kidnapper shot that helpful citizen and tried to shoot him in the head, luckily the gun jammed. Where were you when those 2 convicted burglars on parole broke into that Indianapolis home raped that young lady and shot her 3 times and killed her. Where the hell was openmouth line then.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bad cop feeling bad in the above comment. Hope Jason Van Dyke gets the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

How do these bad cops last so long or get elevated up the ranks?