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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

People vs Warriors - Aurora Police Needs New Leadership To End Military Ranks, Attitude and Empower Officers to End Chronic Crime

One of the many reasons Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman is incompetent, not simply unethical, unprofessional or associated with the corrupt, is because of fundamental and critical mistakes in policing policy and leadership.

Kristen believes the police are a substitute version of the military and gets goose bumps over terms like warriors, commanders, gladiators and always wants to fight.

Her most recent hero was the lying cop Joe Gliniewicz from Fox Lake.

This warrior cop strategy works in certain situations but not for the bulk of interactions or creating trustworthy relationships with the public.

Aurora has several good cops, some not so good (aka "bad") ones.

We know who some of them are, based upon feedback from the public but also from APD officers who work with them and know what really goes on.

We know some of the bad ones have been elevated in various ranks.

Leaving aside why we need to use military ranks like "commander" in a local police department, we don't want to generalize the APD because we know it depends on who gets the call, who is making the decision.

Same exact situation may be handled different by two people.

It's easy to judge in rear view why this or that went wrong but we are also aware there are both many good deeds not rewarded and many bad deeds unpunished.

There are even cops doing good things that are punished, as odd as that may seem.

When the APD is smart enough to rid themselves of backward thinkers like Kristen Ziman and Joe Groom, change from a military mindset, stop misleading the public with fake crime stats, pushing bonus schemes, calling a 150% increase in shootings as an "uptick," telling people to call 911 as a solution or saying idiotic things like "let's be gladiators" perhaps a new leadership, new attitude can shed the military labels, develop and implement a serious plan with measurable results, become partners with the community and together root out the problems, force the next mayor to fix the underlying policies that have created chronic crime and really turn Aurora around so the $163 million police palace can be transformed into a symbol of trust and respect instead of its current radioactive reminder of crime and corruption.

We need good police officers ready to strike in an emergency or crisis, take risks and be willing to protect all of us but we need to do from a foundation of trust, which doesn't exist thanks to failed leadership that can be traced back to the corrupt mayor. We need those reactive situations to be the exception, not the rule and we need problems addressed from the core instead of good cops having to play whack-a-mole every weekend.

We don't need a police leadership that is about who's related to whom, who plays politics with the cronies, who knows how to spin.

By the way, how many people related to Kristen Ziman and Joe Groom have been on the APD payroll at one time or another? 4, 5, 6, 7? If the answer is above 2, then that should be a sign of why this police department has never been allowed to succeed on merits, metrics and regardless of who's who.

We need leadership that solves and ends problems, not just manages them and will empower officers across all levels to do the same with the confidence that if you do the right thing, we will back you up 100% and the entire city is with you.

For more perspective, read this:


Anonymous said...

Openline can you possibly come to thirsty Thursday and just listen. It will shed light on the APD. They really hate Joe Groom and all of his cronies that he pulled up with him. ( Lurch and uncle fester and a pumpkin head) Their pet names I guess, but nothing good was said about them or his wife, they said she runs around the department like she owns it. Apparently if Ziman gets chief, Grooms and his buddies will quit and if Groom gets chief half the department will quit. Things would get really hairy and the citizens would suffer.
You would learn a lot of details by just drinking a couple beers with the police. That Groom is really hated and nobody trusts him or his family. Ziman is liked but they said she is only out to increase her resume and move on.
Be there Thursday evening.

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking moron- the psychotic ramblings you posted proves that you are a fucking idiot. How demented are you? You boys really need to get some help.

Anonymous said...

I normally go to Thirsty Thursday but I have a school function to attend. I did stop by after work and sat with two retired officers. I did learn that Groom was in charge of building that big police station. He suddenly had an in ground swimming pool built at his home supposedly by one of the contractors. He is a dictator at work and hired his wife and his kids. He gave the lucrative grass cutting job to his father and his sister was the electrical contractor at the new police building. He outlawed tattoos by his officers but covered his entire back with satanic tattoos. He never hesitated to write up officers but laughs when he breaks rules himself. He was part of a federal discrimination lawsuit and a domestic battery against his ex-girlfriend. Talk about two face.
They said that Ziman was promoted to fill a quota and really is not a real street Cop but she is friendly and approachable. She hired her mother to do paperwork and has her ex-husband and his girlfriend working at the police station.
I asked about officer Deleon but they were not familiar with him.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:06pm I was curious about the cast of monsters you heard about and asked last night. I believe Lurch is a Scot Brodi, uncle fester is a Bill Hull and pumpkin head is a Brien Olsen. Nothing good was said about any of them and they are Grooms hit men. That Joe Groom is afraid of guns and shot himself a couple times. It wasn't his dad that got the grass job, it was his wifes dad and his sister was just an electrician on the job.
Ziman's mother did work there but quit and her girlfriend works at the police department.

Anonymous said...

After release of the Laquan McDonald video, maybe it's time to stop using military ranks in policing. It's just reinforcing why the public should not trust cops.