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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Retiring Aurora Police Chief Greg Thomas to Become Interim Police Chief of Darien

For those concerned 55 year old Greg Thomas, the "retiring" chief of police of Aurlra being shoved out of the $163 million police palace might be bored, he will now be the Chief of Police for Darien.

It's supposedly a interim gig for 2-6 months.

We've asked the City of Aurora to explain if Greg Thomas can come back as interim chief after Darien if/when the next Aurora police chief is removed and/or arrested.


Anonymous said...

And who said that Aurora was one of the worst places in the country to retire? Not if you're a Police Chief retiring In your mid 50's. Can you say let's take early retirement and double dip?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that there's a limit on how much Thomas can work at another government agency before it impacts his retirement. For example, IMRF has a 600 hour limit working for an IMRF member agency before you not only have to stop taking your IMRF pension, but you have to start paying in again and maybe even pay back some of what you've already drawn.

Anonymous said...

That's commendable, 7:01. It should read that your Aurora pension doesn't kick in until you're done with your paid gig being an interim chief in Darien. The IMRF works nicely for double dipping policemen but not for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

In the articles by the dumb Beacon, notice they didn't even mention or ask who would be the next chief.

Anonymous said...

Who got voted to replace him? From what guys said at thirsty Thursday, neither that Ziman or Groom were talented cops, they were yes people / paper pushers. They seem to like Ziman's personality but thought that Groom guy is not liked at all except by his henchmen crew. Don't know there names but one they referred to as Lurch and the other they called uncle fester. They also said Thomas doesn't need to work, he gets over $150K retired. That is a lot of money. I get SSI and about $130/ month from my pension when I retire.

Anonymous said...

Here are the current vote totals:
Deleon 65
Groom 1,000,000,000
Ziman 180
Kjendal 78
Tunney 32

The Dunham corp. is challenging the validity of the billion groom votes.