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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Viewer Commentary | Fox Valley Park District Exploits Taxpayers Once Again

Ever wonder why so many people dislike government? Look no further than the Fox Valley Park District board with their extreme salaries and pensions.

These trustees who have spent their careers in government, unions or not-for-profit organizations just appointed a new director (Jim Pilmer) with no park district experience at a salary of $150,000.

Instead of doing a national search and selecting someone with years of remaining service, they hired a person who is four years away from enjoying the same cushy retirement as the three previous directors.

Coincidentally, one of them happens to be the board president (Bob Vaughan). This former director was paid $454,850 for his ending year of park district employment now enjoys an annual pension of over $186,000.

The director before him was paid $376,493 for his last year and now receives a pension of over $180,000.

According to the Family Taxpayers Foundation, these salaries are the third and ninth highest in the entire Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund system.

They exceed the salaries of the mayor of Chicago and the governor of Illinois. 

What planet are these trustees from?

In Aurora, it's clear that if you retire as a parks director while still in your 50s, these trustees will create Martha's Vineyard for you.

Is it any wonder why Illinois residents pay some of the highest taxes in our country?

Editor's Note: Robert "Bob" Vaughan, former Director of the Fox Valley Park District, is the political mafia boss responsible for the massive corruption in Aurora in cooperation with Mayor Tom Weisner. In addition to his luxury pension, he also controls millions of dollars of the Dunham Fund, turning into a slush fund to control and reward cronies. He is among Aurora's Most Wanted.


Anonymous said...

Ms. McCaul was the last director and just retired while in her mid 50's. What's her pension? Geez, are we paying over half a million dollars to these three people?

Anonymous said...

Pilmer: the ultimate kiss up and fat boy at the picnic.

Anonymous said...

You mean politics at its best, 11:28.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about all of Weisners pensions from his city jobs and other crony board positions